Louwrens Vorster is as South African born teenager, who until recently was very bad at Texas Holdem Poker. He originally comes from the shanty town of Mosselbay in South Africa. However, soon after birth he boarded a ship to England, much like a fat rat infected with the Black Death. It was here in this great country he met the mighty Piers Anderson, a +10 golfer who is so cool even JB looks bait. Trust that the Vman has broken his nose on two occasions both when he tried to attack Piers but Piers defended himself by knocking Louwrens out with the Rock Bottom, WWE style. Since then the Vman has tried to recover but the humiliation was too great. However, often Louwrens does journey outside of his house whilst in search of McDonalds, although he struggles to fit through the door due to his extreme obesity. Since joining Weight Watchers in 2012, Louwrens has enjoyed massive weight loss and his confidence has begun to improve. He also finds playing golf very therapeutic and says it i a distraction from food. Louwrens is highly likey to become a motivational speaker in his later life.

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