Louise Groothoff was one of two New York City artist's models assaulted and kidnapped[1] by[1] George V. Cooper, Jr.[2] on March 28, 1933. Groothoff, 22, and Mary Louise Harper, 19, were engaged by Cooper through the Models' Guild. The crime is significant because the two victims were affiliated with the Models' Guild, a trade union for models located at 31 West 47th Street in Manhattan, New York. The organization was important in the 1930s for delineating the manner in which fashion shows should be carried out.[3]

Crime details

Cooper represented himself as Frederick Stanley, a Mount Vernon, New York artist. The women were tied, gagged, threatened with a knife, and made to remain in Cooper's attic for two hours. They were not assaulted by Cooper, who busied himself reading a book in a corner. He was arraigned on similar charges in 1932, but was freed on parole in six months. [1]

Cooper, 24-years-old, of New Rochelle, New York, was committed to the Harlem Valley State Hospital at Wingdale, New York. Two doctors testified that he was insane. A Westchester County, New York grand jury voted two indictments against him for kidnapping and two for assault. [2]


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