Lost Among Us is a one-man, Canadian metal band from Alberta, formed in 2007. The band consists of 5 fictitious characters, forged in order to give the band a dramatic/thematic tone: lead vocalist Convention, guitarists Bullets and Revenge, bassist D.Days and drummer Parade Noire. Years after forming, the band signed to Empire Records and released their debut album Three Horned Hook in January 2012 and released their second album State Of Static in March of the same year; a little over 2 months later their 3rd Memories and 4th Lost It All albums were released to mass appeal. After Ben's friend Colton Keeler passed away he wrote the entire Memories album out of respect, even though Lost It All was supposed to be his 3rd album it became less important as Memories started being written. The band eclipsed their previous success with their 5th concept album, Inanimate, which gained generally favorable reviews among music critics. Their self-titled 6th studio album, Lost Among Us, was released on July 10, 2012, to positive reviews. Shortly after, an announcement was made of a 7th album, which was to be the last. The cleverly titled album SE7EN was released October 7th and to many's surprise it wasn't long before the band was back writing and recording. Released December 13th 2012 The American Dream, their 8th studio album was hit by controversial claims for it's intense literal and metaphorical meanings; The album, focused and themed around war and how it has been glorified in the US was a success and broke Lost Among Us' previous download numbers for all albums. Their 9th album Fractured was announced before the release of The American Dream and will be released in January 2013. The band is currently working on a double album entitled MEN&MONSTERS (Part I: Trusting Bonds) and MEN&MONSTERS (Part II: Rusting Gods) which will both be released some time in 2013.


Early career (2006–2009)

The band was formed by now only member Ben Leger and drummer Daniel Tjepkema while in middle-school. Many name changes, genre suggestions and line-up mixing was had for a year until Danny moved to British Columbia, shortly thereafter, Ben Leger decided to continue as a one-man show. The name of the band was created by Leger, taking the form of a black top hat spreading it's wings. In 2009 the first recording sessions were undertaken in Leger's basement, where the songs "Waiting4You" (formerly called "Your Love Is A Noose") and "Black Hat Brigade" were recorded. He refers to those sessions as the "Top Hat Demos". Ben put his band on hold to be a part of his classmates bands in his highschool years. Leger joined and quit 5 bands in 4 years, all for the simple reason of "Nothing was getting done; They always talked a big game but in the end all we did was sit around and talk about our music, rather than make it. So I quit."

Label signing and Three Horned Hook (2011–early 2012)

In 2011, the band signed a deal with Empire Records. The band began working on their first full-length album, entitled Three Horned Hook. Released in January 2012, the album grabbed local success and over 100 downloads in 3 months. The band released three singles from the album: "Three Horned Hook", "A Punishment, So Innocent" and "Burdened By Hatred". Releasing a Deluxe album edition which had the unreleased, soon-to-be fan favorite "Apollo//Burdened By Hatred II" which would later be re-released with vocals.

Band members

Current members


Studio albums
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