I have written two different resumes to the Hockey Hall of fame in order to get a committee member to nominate Lorne Chabot for hall of fame induction. It is a difficult process to go through because of the secrecy of the Hall itself. I have spent thousands of hours(probably at least 1000 hours alone on microfiche, what a nightmare that was) and counting on getting the history in text to the committee. The committee can't talk to you about the substance of the submission or the discussion about what the committee talked about, so you never know what you are doing right or wrong. They can talk vaguely about the player, but thats it. In 1998 after sending in my first submission, I had the honor of talking to Jim Proudfoot and he told me i did a good but unnecessary submission and he was a Chabot supporter. Feeling good, I went on to working on a resume for Dave Kerr(I am a goalie history buff and feel rogie Vachon should be there too) which i haven't been able to complete. I got letters of endorsement for Kerr from HOFer Art Coulter, Alex Shibicky, Murray Armstrong, Lorne Carr, Pat Egan, HOFer Frank Brimsek, George T. Allen, and Cliff Goupille

I submitted another resume which again was unsuccessful. So in the past decade this project has gone on the shelf. In the next year i am going to work on it here and hopefully get some critique and direction to help put together a deserving resume for this great goalie. Remember, this is a an ongoing process, or if you are working on another resume for him take whatever you want from here to hopefully improve or add to your text. I have done all this research and i don't want it to go to waste. I also have a lot of buried history from this era, so i might be able to help someone else out.

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