Lonzo Davis,(pronounced; Lahnzo) is an American hero, who is best known for his brilliant business skills. He is the owner of Hustle Enterprises, which is one of the largest trade centers in the world.

Early Life: Lonzo was born in Kansas City, KS on July 21st 1992. He is the son of Drug Kingpin Donald "Licks" Davis and Lillian Davis. He was raised by is grandmother Vanilla beasley, due to his fathers imprisonment and mothers drug problems. He attend Chisolm Trail Elementary, Stucky Middle School, and Heights High School. At Heights he was a varsity wrestler but was always in trouble, so he only got to wrestle two full years.

Starting of a Billionaire: In 2010 after Lonzo graduated high school, he reportedly moved to New York where he met up with big time mob bosses and started to invest in them. Lonzo invested only a total of 10,000 dollars and by the time he was 20 he was on Forbes 400 Richest Americans list topping the 5th spot with a net worth of 3.2 billion dollars. He Also owns shares in McDonald, Wal-Mart, Koch Industries, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft, making him the worlds youngest billionaire at 20 years old.

Becoming a Hero: After leaving New York in August of 2012, Lonzo was on of the most, if not the most feared person in America with the mob on his side and his countless numbers of body guards. But, he was different than any other mob associate, he was about making the world a better place. On August 24, 2012 as Lonzo was walking the streets in Chanute, Ks; where he was attending a junior college there because nobody knew him; he noticed a group of three men robbing the Commerce Bank and had over 10 people held hostage. Lonzo told reportes his first reaction was to call the cops, but he noticed one of the robbers had a gun to a hostage head; so Lonzo entered the bank posing as a normal customer and with in 20 minutes he had unarmed the three gunman with his bare hands without any shots being fired. When the cops showed up, witnesses say they thought Lonzo was the bank robber and they attempted to arrest him until the bank manager stopped them. Later on that month Lonzo was rewarded a key to the town by the mayor. He also was voted as the towns sheriff but declined due to all the publicity suronding him already.

Where is he now? Some say he still lives in Chanute, KS while others say he could be anywhere from Wichita,KS to Houston TX. Wherever he is, he is still a feared men all across the U.S and still the youngest billionaire in the world, people say he walk around with at least 10 armed bodyguards every time he goes somewhere. But, he is scheduled to appear at the White House for a meeting with President Obama for reason unknown, the meeting will take place on January 21st 2013.

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