Lonie Walker is An american jazz singer.


Walker has been a jazz artist for several decades and is the leader singer of her Big Bad Ass Company. She began at nightclubs to spring her career.

She is the owner of the Underground Wonder Bar in Chicago, where she and her band play. The Underground Wonder Bar is located a half a mile away from Rush Street.

Walker's Big Bad Ass Company Band have performed over 2,000 live shows and released three albums on her Underground Wonder Music label. Walker, who is the only female musician, is the band's leader, songwriter, arranger, pianist and vocalist. Herb Walker is their guitarist, with Joe Thomas bassist, Kevin Patrick percussionist, James Perkins saxophonist, and Luiz Ewerling percussionist.

Since the mid 1990s, Walker has also been an organiser of performances for the benefit of non-profit organisations.[1]


  • All That I Got I Gave to Music (1995)
  • Live in Paris (1998)
  • Change is Good (2002)[2]
  • Live in Berlin (2004)[3]


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