Temples in Loha – A True Picture

‘Durga Asthan’ is almost 125 years old. This temple is shown in the cadastral Survey map of 1900.The original temple was constructed by the descendents of Late Babu Govind Prakash narayan Choudhary and the puja ceremony in Ashvin Navaratra was celebrated by them. But since last thirty years, the temple is looked after by a village committee and the new temple has been constructed with the cooperation/donation of all the villagers. The main source of the income for the temple (for puja,etc.) is the pond near the temple.

The puja in this temple is celebrated from 1st Ashvin (New Moon) to Purnima (Full Moon) and the immersion of the deities takes place after Purnima.

On the Dussehra day (10th Ashvin) a Vijaya Yatra starts from ‘Shri Sita Ram Mandir’ with deities Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman. The procession moves around the adjoining villages with recitation of specific stanzas from ‘Ram Charit Mansa’ at different identified places and also at Durga Asthan and finally returns to ‘Shree Sita Ram Mandir’. This Vijaya Yatra is unique and worth observing.

'Shri Sita Ram Mandir’ is located in the campus of Late Shri Gangadhar Choudhary. Shri Gangadhar Choudhary was a saintly and renowned person. He wrote 92, 08,718 ‘Sri Ram in artistic and colourful style from 5 November 1948 till he breathed his last in January 1972. This ‘Unique Treasure’ is preserved his son Shri Prem Chandra Choudhary and is worth seeing.

‘Batahu Mahadeo Mandir’ is a very old Shiva temple located on the north eastern corner of the village near ‘Jeewachh river. This temple has been reconstructed with the help of the people of Loha, Subhankarpur, Keota, Bijalpura and Kapsia. The temple in the middle of the fields is very quiet and peaceful.

Chaitti Durga Asthan in Pokhar Bhir. The main founder of this temple is Late Narayan Jha and his family.

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