Lizzie Phelan (previously Lizzie Cocker, born c. 1986) is a reporter from London with mixed Greek, Irish and English heritage.[1]


Lizzie Phelan is a freelance "journalist" and has reported for Russia Today and Press TV. She took the name Phelan from her Irish grandmother.[1]

Reports from Libya and Syria

Phelan claimed to have witnessed alleged war crimes in the 2011 military intervention in Libya, committed by the National Transitional Council with the complicity of NATO in September.[2][3] Phelan has claimed that there were summary executions of members of the Qadhadhfa tribe by members of the National Transitional Council:

A female friend of mine and university lecturer who had gained her doctorate at the London School of Economics (see picture), Salma, committed the crime of coming from the same tribe as Gaddafi, the Qadhafadhfa. She was shot dead as she fled for the airport along with her mother and two nieces, Yam aged 20 months and Aden, who was just three-weeks old.[2]

When Tripoli then fell to the rebels, she was evacuated by the Red Cross to the Corinthia Hotel. She was able to leave Tripoli on a fishing boat on August 29 to Malta along with former US congressman Walter E. Fauntroy who had also been reported missing during his negotiation mission in Libya.[4] Phelan has lambasted the western and GCC press for failing to treat the claims made by the Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah government lead by late Leader Muammar Gaddafi with equal weight of that of the western-backed National Transitional Council.

Her reports from Syria in 2012 and Libya in 2011 have been criticised, e.g. by New York Times blogger Robert Mackey. Phelan said she believed that research had shown that the former Libyan government's information was far closer to the truth than the claims being made by western-backed insurgents and the NATO and GCC media which she accused of encouraging wars of aggression against sovereign states.[5]

In September 2012, UK broadcast regulator Ofcom found that two Libyan dispatches broadcast by Phelan on the Russia Today channel in August 2011 were in breach of its code on accuracy and impartiality.[6]

The channel responded to Ofcom's allegations insisting that Phelan's reports from Libya were accurate and were verified by reports from organisations like Amnesty International and the International Crisis Group:[7] “Subsequent developments of the situation in Libya did however confirm, in the opinion of [Russia Today], that Lizzie Phelan was correct in her assertions”.


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