Liu Bei Lao Shi
Traditional Chinese 劉備老師
Simplified Chinese 刘备老师
Literal meaning Liew Bei, a Teacher

Liu Bei Lao Shi is a teen novel by Kaito Liew. It was published in Malaysia on 17 August 2012.[1]

Set in the year of 2013, the novel details the quest of 5P class, a group of fifth grade students that aims to discover the secret of their class teacher, Liew Bei, and their entanglements with a future conflict between two post-apocalyptic human races.


In the new school year of Dingguo Elementary, there was a new male teacher who called 'Liew Bei' by his students. Later, some of his students, especially Chee Fai and Ziva from 5P class, discovered some secret hide by Liew Bei. They suspected Liew Bei is not an ordinary human.

At the same time, some students found out there was ape-like monster which covered by scales appearing in the school compound.

Therefore, Chee Fai, Ziva and the gang together with their English language teacher Mr.Tee started a series of adventure in order to protect the safety of Dingguo school.



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