This is an incomplete list of Six-man football stadiums in Texas.

City/TownStadiumCapacityHome Team
AbbottPanther Stadium250Abbott Panthers
AckerlyMustang Field150Sands Mustangs
AftonMarshall Field250Patton Springs Rangers
AlvinVictory Stadium200Alvin Living Stones Lions
AmarilloArbor Lions Stadium1,500Arbor Academy Lions
AmarilloHoly Cross Field200Holy Cross Catholic Academy Mustangs
AmherstBulldog Stadium700Amherst Bulldogs
Apple SpringsNelson Davis Stadium500Apple Springs Eagles
AquillaCougar Stadium500Aquilla Cougars
AspermontHornet Stadium750Aspermont Hornets
AvalonEagle Field250Avalon Eagles
BalmorheaBear Stadium150Balmorhea Bears
BenjaminMustang Stadium300Benjamin Mustangs
BlackwellHornet Stadium500Blackwell Hornets
BlanketSwitzer Field400Blanket Tigers
BlumBobcat Stadium300Blum Bobcats
BriscoeCougar Stadium150Fort Elliott Cougars
BrookesmithMustang Field250Brookesmith Mustangs
BrysonCowboy Stadium200Bryson Cowboys
BuckholtsJim Hauk Field500Buckholts Badgers
BulverdeWarrior Stadium200Bracken Christian Academy Warriors
ByersHornet Field200Byers Hornets (School closing in 2012)
BynumBulldog Field250Bynum Bulldogs
CalvertTrojan Stadium300Calvert Trojans
CherokeeIndian Stadium400Cherokee Indians
ChesterAubrey Bradley Stadium100Chester Yellow Jackets
ChillicotheMoffett-Dodson Stadium750Chillicothe Eagles
CoolidgeYellow Jacket Stadium200Coolidge Yellow Jackets
Cotton CenterElk Field250Cotton Center Fighting Elks
CovingtonCharles Sonny Moore Athletic Complex500Covimgton Owls
Cranfills GapLion Stadium300Cranfills Gap Lions
CrowellDick Todd Stadium2,016Crowell Wildcats
CrowleyNazarene Christian Field150Nazarene Christian Lions
DarrouzettLonghorn Field400Darrouzett Longhorns
Dell CityCougar Stadium200Dell City Cougars
DickinsonEagles Stadium1,000Dickinson Pine Drive Christian School Eagles
EdenSanders Stadium1,200Eden Bulldogs
El PasoFaith Christian Academy Field 500Faith Christian Academy Lions
FollettPanther Stadium600Follett Panthers
ForestburgLonghorn Field200Forestburg Longhorns
Fort DavisBart Coan Field1,128Fort Davis Indians
Fort HancockMustang Stadium800Fort Hancock Mustangs
FruitvaleBobcat Stadium500Fruitvale Bobcats
GailCoyote Stadium350Borden County Coyotes
Garden CityBearkat Stadium750Garden City Bearkats
GordonLonghorn Stadium3,100Gordon Longhorns
GrandfallsJohn White Stadium780Grandfalls-Royalty Cowboys
GroomTiger Stadium2,000Groom Tigers
GustineRoger Oliver Stadium200Gustine Tigers
GuthrieJack Huey Field300Guthrie Jaguars
HappyCowboy Corral Stadium800Happy Cowboys
HarroldHornet Field400Harrold Hornets
HartLonghorn Stadium1000Hart Longhorns
HedleyOwl Field200Hedley Owls
HermleighCardinal Field775Hermleigh Cardinals
HigginsCoyote Field200Higgins Coyotes
ImperialLonghorn Stadium400Buena Vista Longhorns
IraBulldog Stadium400Ira Bulldogs
IredellDragon Field400Iredell Dragons
JaytonJaybird Stadium1,200Jayton Jaybirds
JonesboroPruitt Field150Jonesboro Eagles
KarnackIndian Stadium785Karnack Indians
KellerIndian Springs Field500Glenview Christian Cowboys
Klondike[disambiguation needed]Cougar Stadium200Klondike Cougars
Knox CityGreyhound Field800Knox City-O'Brien Greyhounds
KopperlEagle Field200Kopperl Eagles
KressKangaroo Stadium1,200Kress Kangaroos
LadoniaBishop Field500Fannindel Falcons
LazbuddieLonghorn Field300Lazbuddie Longhorns
LeforsShaw Field300Lefors Pirates
LenorahM.W. Tunnell Field1000Grady Wildcats
Leverett's ChapelLion Stadium500Leverett's Chapel Lions
LinglevilleLingleville Field500Lingleville Cardinals
LohnEagle Field200Lohn Eagles
LometaHornet Field400Lometa Hornets
LoopLonghorn Stadium400Loop Longhorns
LoraineJohnson Stadium200Loraine Bulldogs
LorenzoHornet Stadium1,100Lorenzo Hornets
LuedersRaider Field250Lueders-Avoca Raiders
LubbockSt. John Neumann Field150Christ the King Trojans
MarathonMustang Field200Marathon Mustangs
MatadorMatador Field300Motley County Matadors
MayTiger Field400May Tigers
McLeanTiger Stadium1,000McLean Tigers
MeadowMeadow Memorial Stadium500Meadow Broncos
MiamiWarrior Field350Miami Warriors
MilfordHorton Field250Milford Bulldogs
MoranBulldog Field250Moran Bulldogs
MorganEagle Field200Morgan Eagles
MullinBulldog Field200Mullin Bulldogs
New HomeLeopard Stadium500New Home Leopards
NewcastleBobcat Field300Newcastle Bobcats
NoviceHornet Field275Novice Hornets
O'DonnellJohnson Field900O'Donnell Screamin' Eagles
OakwoodPanther Field500Oakwood Panthers
OglesbyTiger Field200Oglesby Tigers
PaducahDragon Stadium800Paducah Dragons
Paint CreekPirate Field200Paint Creek Pirates
Paint RockIndian Field200Paint Rock Indians
PenelopeWolverine Field250Penelope Wolverines
PetersburgBuffalo Stadium500Petersburg Buffaloes
Prairie LeaIndian Field400Prairie Lea Indians
RankinRed Devil Stadium1,635Rankin Red Devils
Richland SpringsCoyote Field400Richland Springs Coyotes
Rising StarWildcat Stadium800Rising Star Wildcats
Robert LeeSteer Field500Robert Lee Steers
RochelleHornet Pride Stadium500Rochelle Hornets
RopesvilleEagle Field600Ropes Eagles
RoscoeHornet Field300Highland Hornets
RuleBobcat Stadium800Rule Bobcats
Saint JoPanther Stadium250Saint Jo Panthers
SandersonEagle Stadium300Sanderson Eagles
Santa AnnaMountaineer Field250Santa Anna Mountaineers
SidneyEagle Field200Sidney Eagles
Sierra BlancaVaquero Field200Sierra Blanca Vaqueros
SilvertonPayne Field1,200Silverton Owls
SouthlandEagle Field200Southland Eagles
SpurJones Stadium1,200Spur Bulldogs
StarTiger Field150Star Tigers
StrawnGreyhound Stadium500Strawn Greyhounds
Sterling CityEagle Stadium350Sterling City Eagles
StoneburgJoe Corpening Field200Gold-Burg Bears
ThrockmortonGreyhound Stadium2,000Throckmorton Greyhounds
TrentGorilla Stadium1,500Trent Gorillas
TrinidadTrojan Stadium250Trinidad Trojans
TurkeyPatriot Stadium350Valley Patriots
ValeraPanther Stadium600Panther Creek Panthers
VeribestFalcon Field150Veribest Falcons
VernonIndian Stadium200Northside Indians
Walnut SpringsHornet Field150Walnut Springs Hornets
Water ValleyWildcat Field450Water Valley Wildcats
WelchMcCauley Field1,000Welch Dragons
WellmanWildcat Stadium800Wellman-Union Wildcats
WestbrookWildcat Stadium400Westbrook Wildcats
WhitefaceAntelope Stadium2,500Whiteface Antelopes
WhitharralPanther Field200Whitharral Panthers
WilsonMustang Stadium300Wilson Mustangs
WoodsonCowboy Stadium300Woodson Cowboys
ZephyrBulldog Field200Zephyr Bulldogs


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