The following is a list of locations featured in The Hub's original computer-animated television series, Transformers: Prime.


  • Jasper, Nevada - The town where Jack, Miko, Sierra and Raf live.
  • K.O. Burger - Jack works at K.O. Burger. K.O. is a reference to Knock Out, a Decepticon in the series and Alex Kurtzman (K) and Roberto Orci (O), the executive producers of the series. K.O. Burger is where Jack first saw Arcee, after he fell "in love" with her motocycle form.
  • School - Jack, Miko, Sierra, Vince and Raf all go to a school. This is where Miko first found out about the Autobots, as she saw Arcee (in vehicle mode.) Hardly any information of the school has been revealed. In "Masters and Students", Raf's science project, a realistic mock-up of Cybertronian Volcano built by Ratchet ends up burning a hole in the school's roof when it erupts.
  • Jasper Hospital - The Jasper Hospital is the hospital where June Darby (Jack Darby's mother) works at as a nurse. It is located in or near Jasper, Nevada.
  • Cybertron - The home living home planet of the Autobots and Decepticons. Cybertron was mostly destroyed. Only ruins of dead Cybertronians lay across the lands of Cybertron. It was first seen in "Darkness Rising, Part 4" where the Autobots find out that Megatron is building a Spacebridge in order to create an undead army of Cybertronian soldiers, using Dark Energon. In the "Orion Pax Part 2", Jack and Arcee go to Cybertron to get to Vector Sigma to restore Optimus's memories.
  • Autobot Outpost Omega One (Autobot Base) - The Autobot Base is located just outside of Jasper, Nevada. It equipped with mostly Earth technology (which Ratchet complains about due to Earth's tech not being as advanced as Cybertronian tech). It appears to have been an US military base and missile silo in the past, before it was given to the Autobots by the government (explaining why it contains mostly earth tech). It is equipped with a "Groundbridge" (a variant of Spacebridge technology) which can transport the Autobots and their human allies anywhere on Earth. The silo is shielded from all radio waves causing things like cell phones to be unable to get a signal (however in "Shadowzone" Miko's cellphone worked, possibly indicating that it may have been modified so cell phones can be used).
  • The Nemesis - The Nemesis is the Decepticon flagship and also their base. It appears to be a black, grey and purple color. There are many large and small screens in the Nemesis for announcements. Main areas include its command bridge and a sick bay (where the injured Megatron was recently lying in stasis, before he managed to revive himself in "Out of his Head"). The sick bay is also where Starscream is treated after his punishment from Megatron and is where Knock-Out replaces Starscream's missing arm (which he lost in the Shadowzone, along with the revived Skyquake) with a newer model (one equipped with a Null Ray). As revealed in "Sick Mind", the Nemesis is equipped with cloaking technology that hides it from detection. However, in the same episode, Ratchet discovers that if the ship is in repair, then he can locate it with the correct frequency wavelength. In "Shadowzone" it is revealed to be equipped with its own "Ground Bridge" unit.
  • The Arctic - The Arctic was first seen in the episode "Scrapheap", where the Autobots find a Cybertronian Pod, which later is revealed to be a Scraplet trap. The Arctic is extremely cold - its temperature can kill humans, as well as Cybertronians.
  • Greece - The location of Greece was first used in the episode "Deus Ex Machina". This where Miko and Bulkhead found a painting of the Greek Gods holding an Energon Harvester, an ancient Cybertronian artifact.
  • The Woods - The Woods is where Arcee and Jack go on a recon mission as seen in "Predatory." Lots of mosquitoes swarm around the Woods, which really annoys Jack. People camp in the Woods, as noticed when Arachnid is about to murder a human in a tent for her specimen collection.
  • Arachnid's Crashed Warship - Arachnid's private spacecraft, home to her and her trophy collection. It Was destroyed by Jack via an Energon fuel explosion. In "Crisscross", a blackbox containing video recordings of Jack was recovered and used by Silas and M.E.C.H. to track him down as part of Arachnid's revenge plot.
  • Crash-Landed Decepticon Warship - One of many Decepticon Warships appeared in "Sick Mind." It appears to be crash-landed on Earth, likely by Decepticons. Captured and deceased Autobots Cybonic plague victims lay around in the ship. This is where Optimus got the Cybonic plague, which made him very ill.
  • Harbinger - The Harbinger is another crash-landed Decepticon ship, when it is discovered by the Autobots its location is shown to be in the middle of Arizona on Rachets screen. While carrying a prototype weapon, the Harbinger was shot down by the Autobots in orbit over Earth. Cut in half by the battle, the bow landed in a forest and was covered up in time. The stern landed in a canyon and was noticeably not buried. When the Nemesis arrived on Earth, Starscream scouted both parts of the ship, but found nothing of interest and left. However, he did not log the Harbinger's location in the computers. After Arachnid informed Megatron that the Harbinger was carrying the Immobilizer prototype, Starscream took Arachnid to the bow section, where Arachnid accessed the ship's computer systems. Arachnid recovered the Immobilizer but it was later destroyed by Bumblebee. In the episode "Armada", Starscream returns to the ship and finds five protoforms in which he uses them to clone himself and use the clones in order to terminate Megatron.
  • The Shadowzone - A parallel dimension in which Miko, Jack, Raf, and the undead Decepticon Skyquake became trapped in the episode "Shadowzone". Miko, Jack, and Raf manage to escape from it. The zombie Skyquake (though his disembodied hand manages to escape and ends up attacking Starscream), however becomes trapped there (along with Starscream's non-functional discarded right-arm).
  • M.E.C.H. Bases - As shown in the series so far there are two bases M.E.C.H. uses. The first one was seen in the episode "Operation: Breakdown", and was located in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. The second one was seen in the episode "Crisscross", which appears to be located somewhere close to Jasper, Nevada. The second base was where M.E.C.H. and the Decepticon, Arachnid used Jack's mother, June Darby as bait to lure Jack and Arcee to the base.


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