Here are some statistics of the best football passers and passing teams of Europe.

Best passers

These are the top 10 passers of Europe, according to passing accuracy. This only includes players with more than 1000 passes.

Player Team Passing accuracy (%)
Mikel Arteta Arsenal 97.4
Leon Britton Swansea 93.3
Xavi Barcelona 93.0
John Terry Chelsea 91.6
Sergio Busquets Barcelona 91.3
Thiago Silva Paris S.G. 91.1
Joe Allen Liverpool 90.3
Yaya Toure Manchester City 90.0
Scott Parker Tottenham 89.8

Best passing teams

These are the average by each European team, again, the top 10.

Team Passing Accuracy (%)
Barcelona 89.2
Bayern Munich 87.0
Real Madrid 86.2
Chelsea 85.8
Swansea City 85.5
Milan 85.2
Roma 84.9
Tottenham Hotspur 84.7
Arsenal 84.6

All info sourced from:[1]


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