The following is a list of fictional fighting styles in the manga and anime series Fist of the North Star by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara. Many of the characters from the Fist of the North Star manga are trained in numerous fictional styles throughout the course of the series. All styles appear in the original manga unless otherwise noted.

Major styles

Hokuto Shinken

Hokuto Shinken (北斗神拳?, lit. "Divine Fist of the North Dipper", aka the "Divine Fist of the North Star") is the titular martial art of the Fist of the North Star series used by Kenshiro and his three adopted brothers. It is a 1,800 year-old (2,000 years in the original anime series) Chinese fighting style that utilizes the body's 708 tsubos of the keiraku hikō (経絡秘孔?, "secret channeling points") to cause destruction from within. It is said that the average person only uses 30% of their body's strength, whereas those trained in Hokuto Shinken are taught to tap into the remaining 70% in order to perform their destructive techniques. The history of Hokuto Shinken gradually unfolds throughout the course of the manga's storyline and its later prequel, Fist of the Blue Sky.

Nanto Seiken

Nanto Seiken (南斗聖拳?, lit. "Sacred Fist of the South Dipper", aka the "Sacred Fist of the South Star" or "Southern Cross") is the main rival style of Hokuto Shinken in the series. The Nanto style is regard as the polar opposite of the Hokuto style; whereas Hokuto Shinken destroys its opponents from within through the use of tsubo, the masters of Nanto Seiken use slicing and stabbing techniques to destroy the enemy from the outside. Unlike Hokuto Shinken, which has only one style and one legitimate successor, the Nanto school has over 108 sects, the six primary masters being the Nanto Roku Seiken (南斗六聖拳?, lit. "Six Sacred Fists of the South Dipper"), who correspond to the six stars of the Nanto constellation. Many of the Nanto Seiken styles are named after birds.

Taizanji Kenpō

The Taizanji Kenpō (泰山寺拳法?, "Taishan Temple Martial Arts") was the original rival style of Hokuto Shinken in the two pilot episodes of Hokuto no Ken drawn and written by Tetsuo Hara. In the present day setting of the pilot episodes, the Taishan Temple is an organization of assassins that disguises themselves to the public as a regular martial arts school, working primarily as assassins for powerful political figures. Eventually, they carried much influence over the world's governments, extending their hands to Japan. When Hokuto no Ken was picked up as a series, this storyline was discarded and Nanto Seiken (and later Hokuto Ryūken) took on the role of Hokuto Shinken's primary rival style, reducing the Taishan style to a minor one used primarily by small fry characters except for Ryuuga's Tenrou Ken style, which Kenshiro uses later after gain Muso Tensei. According to the 1986 publication Hokuto no Ken Special: All About the Man, the school's name is derived the Chinese epithet "Mount Tai & Big Dipper" (泰山北斗 Taizan Hokuto?), since they were the original enemies of the Hokuto Shinken style.

  • Styles and techniques in the pilot episodes:
    • Taizanji Kenpō Bōjutsu (泰山寺拳法棒術?, "Taishan Temple Martial Arts Staff Technique") - A stick fighting style used by Yazaki, a corrupt detective.
    • Yūsō Ryōdan Ken (熊爪両断拳?, "Bear Claw Bisection Fist") - Used by Gōda, a Taizanji assassin Kenshiro fought in the first pilot episode. It is the same technique he uses to kill Yuki, Kenshiro's girlfriend, in the same episode. The character of Gōda was recast in the anime series in episode 33 as a half-bear mutant henchman of Amiba, although no references are made of this version of Gōda being a Taishan master.
    • Taizanji Hakuja Gokusui (泰山寺白蛇獄水?, "Taishan Temple White Snake Hell Water") - Sai-fighting technique used by Denki Saitō. Mentioned, but never actually used.
    • Yō Gōkin Ki (妖鋼筋鬼?, "Bewitching Steel Muscle Demon") - A muscle hardening technique used by Baiken Kinbū. The character of Generallisimo Barcom (who was modeled after Baiken) in the anime series uses a similar technique in episode 21.
    • Genyu Ken (幻幽拳?, "Phantasm Fist") - A flesh ripping technique used by Baiken in the second pilot chapter and by Barcom against Shin in anime episode 21. When this technique is used, the user rapidly moves his hands up and down until they become a blur. The speed is such that it can create air currents sharp enough to cut. The name given in the anime is Yōki Genyu Ken (妖鬼幻幽拳?, "Bewitching Ghostly Illusion Fist").
  • Styles and techniques in the manga series:
    • Taizan-ryū Sōjō Ben (泰山流双条鞭?, "Taishan Style Twin Streak Whip") - Double Whip-wielding style used by Uighur, the warden of Cassandra. The ultimate technique performed by Uighur in this style is Yūdō Danha (熊胴断波?, "Bear Trunk Severance Wave"), in Uighur shreds his victim in half. A more powerful variation of this style, also used by Uighur is the Taizan-ryū Senjō Ben (泰山流千条鞭?, "Taishan-style Thousand Streak Whip"), in which Uighur removes several whips from the two horns on his helmet. Uighur's ultimate attack with the "Thousand Streak Whip" style is the Mōko Hakyoku Dō (蒙古覇極道?, "Tao of the Mongolian Champion"), a powerful shoulder tackle he performs while Ken is bind to his whips.
    • Taizan Tenrō Ken (泰山天狼拳?, "Taishan Celestial Wolf Fist") - The style of Ryūga of the Tenrō-sei ("Celestial Wolf Star"). The user scoops out chunks of flesh from the opponent's body before killing them. Ryūga's primary technique is the Tenrō Tōga Ken ( 天狼凍牙拳?, "Celestial Wolf Freezing Fang Fist").
    • Taizan Hadatsu Gō (泰山破奪剛?, "Taishan Destroy and Plunder Strength") - The style used by Gelga, a thug that Jūza fought against.
    • Taizan Yōken (泰山妖拳?, "Taishan Bewitching Fist") - Ribbon-cutting style used by Hilka, an underling of Raoh.
  • Styles and techniques in the anime series:
    • Taizan-ryū Zanjin Battō Jutsu (泰山流斬人抜刀術?, "Taishan-style Man-Slicing Sword-Drawing Technique") - Fencing style used by Garō, a lieutenant of Ryūga who challenges Kenshiro in episode 76.
    • Taizan-ryū Shisoku Ken (泰山流四束拳?, "Taishan-style Four Coil Fist") - The style used by the brothers Gokure, Guzuri, Jira and Naburi. The four brothers spin around Kenshiro and attack him simultaneously. Appears in episode 88.
    • Taizan Kokuei Ken (泰山黒影拳?, "Taishan Silhouette Fist") - A style used by Dolphy and Zenda, where the former blinds Kenshiro with the light reflection of metal hand before Ken can dodge or counterattack Zenda's attacks. Appears in episode 91.
    • Taizan-ryū Kenbu Jutsu (泰山流剣舞術?, "Taishan Sword Dance Technique") - Another fencing style of Taishan, used by the ninja Jemony, an assassin who claims to have performed exactly 9,999 kills. Appears in episode 93.

Nanto Goshasei

The five members of the Nanto Goshasei (南斗五車星?, "Five Chariot Stars of the South Dipper") are each trained in their own unique fighting styles. Not much is elaborated on the origins of the Goshasei, other than the fact that Jyuza's style is a self-taught fist. The Goshasei are not counted among the 108 sects of Nanto Seiken.

  • "Fist of the Wind" (風の拳 Kaze no Ken?) - Hyui's style. It allows him to manipulate the air to slice enemies and also to enhance his own speed. In the TV series, his main attack is called the Gosha Fūrestuken (五車風裂拳?, "Five Chariots Wind Split Fist").
  • "Fist of the Flames" (炎の拳 Honō no Ken?) - Shuren's style. It allows him to manipulate fire to engulf enemies and burn them in-half, whilst he is protected from the temperature. His main attack is called Gosha Enjōken (五車炎情拳?, "Five Chariots Passionate Flame Fist").
  • "Fist of the Clouds" (雲の拳 Kumo no Ken?) - Juza's style. Also referred as Juza's Self-Taught Fist (我流の拳 Garyū no Ken?), Juza's style is free-form with no set stance and his fighting ability rivals that of Raoh according to Ryuken. Juza's style is primarily made up of rapid kick techniques and grappling attacks. His main technique is the Gekiheki Haisuishō (撃壁背水掌?, "Dam Breaking Punch").
  • "Fist of the Mountains" (山の拳 Yama no Ken?) - Fudoh's style. Referred by Raoh as the "Fist of the Ogre" (鬼の拳 Oni no Ken?). Fudoh's style relies primarily on crushing his opponent with his brute strength and stature. In the TV series, his main technique is named the Gosha Sangazan (五車山峨斬?, "Five Chariots Mountain Slash").
  • "Fist of the Ocean" (海の拳 Umi no Ken?) - Rihaku's style. In the original manga, Rihaku doesn't display any martial arts ability. Therefore, the Ocean style is depicted only in the TV series. Rihaku's style is named Gosha Hasuiken (五車波砕拳?, "Five Chariots Wave Crush Fist"), which gives Rihaku the ability to throw himself at his enemies with the strength of a tidal wave.

Gento Kōken

Gento Kōken (元斗皇拳?, "Origin Dipper Emperor Fist", also known as the "Imperial Fist of the Source Star") is a style created to protect the Tentei (天帝?, "Heavenly Empress"), a position held by Lin's twin sister Lui at the time of the series. Their symbol is the Tenteisei (天帝星?, "Celestial Emperor Star"), also known as the Taikyoku-sei (大極星?, Polaris). The Gento style focuses on use of ki energy, projected outside the body as shining light. The Gento masters use their ki to launch powerful energy blasts or alter the temperature of their surroundings. They can boil an adversary from the inside out or cut him in half using ki like a blade. A skilled Gento master can even remove the pressure points from his body, boiling his own cells.

In the original manga, the successor of Gento Kōken is Falco the Gold, although his protegee Solia of the Purple Light also practices this style. In the anime series, Shoki of the Red Light, another General under the command of the Tentei practices this style, as well two anime original characters, Boltz of the Blue Light and Taiga of the Green Light.

  • Techniques in the manga:
    • Shō no Rin (衝の輪?, "Rings of Opposition") - This technique fires giant, ring-shaped, energy blasts.
    • Gento Hakuka Dan (元斗白華弾?, "Original Dipper White Flower Bullet") - The user of this technique charges at the opponent.
    • Metsutō Kōsei Jin (滅凍黄凄陣?, "Destruction Freezing Yellow Threatening Ranks") - This technique fires two beams of freezing cold energy, one from each hand of the user.
    • Gento Mōten Shō (元斗猛天掌?, "Original Dipper Wild Heaven Palm") - A technique that uses the palms in melee.
    • Ōkō Setsuzan (黄光刹斬?, "Yellow Light Temple Slash") - This technique enable the user to slice opponents in half.
    • Gento Ryūrin Kōzan (元斗流輪光斬?, "Original Dipper Flowing Ring Light Slash") - A technique that fires multiple beams of energy from the user's hands.
    • Ha no Rin (破の輪?, "Ring of Destruction") - The user of this technique fires a giant-sized energy beam at a target.

Hokuto Ryūken

Hokuto Ryūken (北斗琉拳?, "North Star Sparkling Stone Fist" or "North Star Lapis Lazuli Fist") is another rival style of Hokuto Shinken introduced during the latter half of the manga. Hokuto Ryūken is a branch of the original Hokuto family that was formed alongside Hokuto Shinken in the Land of Asura. The Hokuto Ryūken style utilizes 1,109 points of the keiraku hakō (経絡破孔?, the "destructive channeling points") in contrast to the 708 keiraku hikō points of the Shinken style. The exact differences between the Ryūken style's hakō points and the Shinken style's hikō points are never fully explained. The users of Hokuto Ryūken are taught to fight with their "demonic aura" (魔闘気 matōki?), driving them insane with madness. In the TV series, it is revealed that Hokuto Ryūken was founded by Ryūō of the Hokuto Sōke bloodline, the ancestor of Kaioh, Raoh and Toki. Hokuto Ryūken is also featured in Fist of the Blue Sky, where it is revealed that it was once known as Hokuto Ryūkaken (北斗劉家拳?, "North Star Liu Family Fist"), one of the three subordinate branches of Hokuto Shinken.

  • Techniques in the manga:
    • Sōhai Gyakusō (双背逆葬?, "Twin Straight Reverse Bury") - A technique used deflect thrown objects back at the original thrower. It is the Hokuto Ryūken equivalent of the Hokuto Shinken technique Nishi Shinku Ha (二指真空把, "Two-Finger Nil-Space Grasp").
    • Shikka Kōjin (疾火煌陣?, "Rapid Fire Twinkling Position") - This technique allows its user to move and attack with unbelievable speed. Han is well known for his use of this technique.
    • Hakura Metsusei (白羅滅精?, "White Net Destroying Energy") - This technique launches a fireball at a target. Once used by Han against Kenshiro.
    • Anryū Tenha (暗琉天破?, "Dark Gem Heaven Destruction") - The most powerful Hokuto Ryū Ken technique. Levitates a person in the air and completely disorients them. In the anime, it is also inferred that it strikes all 1,109 hiko points, similar to the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken.
    • Manju Maon Ken (万手魔音拳?, "10,000 Hand Evil Sound Fist") - A technique used by Hyō. Actually a Hokuto Sōke no Ken technique.
    • Anryū Hiha (暗琉霏破?, "Dark Gem Falling Destruction") - A dark energy blast used by Kaioh.
    • Kokei Kosoku (呼頸虚塞?, "Breathless Combat") - The user of this technique no longer needs to breathe, enabling a state of great concentration.
    • Hokuto Gyakushi Sō (北斗逆死葬?, "North Star Wicked Death Burial") - With this technique, the user takes the position of the Shichosei (死兆星, "Death Omen Star") when attacking an opponent.
    • Seimyō Danretsu (凄妙弾列?, "Horrible Strange Snap Violence") - A rapid-hand attack used by Kaioh.

Other styles

In order of appearance.

  • Bōjutsu (棒術?, "Staff Technique") - Non fictional fighting style used by Diamond, a member of the King organization.
  • Chōtō Chihai Ken (跳刃地背拳?, "Leap Blade Ground Back Fist") - A technique used by Fox, one of Jackal's henchmen. As its name indicate, the user of this style lies on their back, pretending to be dead or unconscious, only to jump up and slice the heads off surrounding enemies. However, once the user has lept into the air, they leave their back is vulnerable to any opponent. Kenshiro exploits this weakness against Fox.
  • Rakan Niō Ken (羅漢仁王拳?, "Arhat Deva King Fist") - A 5,000 years old assassination style from ancient India used by the Devil Rebirth, a prisoner in Villainy Prison. The name "Devil Rebirth" itself is also the title of the style's successor. Its only named technique is the Fūsatsu Kongō Ken (風殺金剛拳?, "Wind Kill Iron Fist"), in which the user creates a strong gush of wind with their fists. In episode 49 of the anime series, Raoh is seen using this technique against Kenshiro.
  • Cross-Blade Nunchucks (十字剣ヌンチャク Jūji Ken Nunchaku?) - Spiked nunchucks wielded by a thug who mistakes Rei for a woman.
  • Kazan Gunrō Ken (華山群狼拳?, "Huashan Wolf Pack Fist") - A martial art technique used by the Fang Tribe (Kiba Ichizoku). The attackers pattern themselves after a wolf pack in an attempt to group-attack an opponent. This style has its basis in another Chinese martial arts called Shōkei Ken (象形拳?, "Hieroglyph Fist"). In episode 26 of the anime series, there's a technique called Yōmetsu no Kata (妖滅の型?, "Ghost Destruction Formation"), where the Fang Clansmen attack by surprise.
  • Kazan Bunretsu Ken (華山分裂拳?, "Huashan Separation Fist") - A technique used by Madara, the bestial champion of the Fang Tribe. The user of this technique runs quickly in circles around the opponent, causing an optical illusion effect that makes user appear to split into several more people. After a few moments, the user then attacks the opponent at the center, with all his mirror images following suit. In most cases, the opponent would be unable to know where the attacker really is and thus could not defend properly against the attack. This style is only named in episode 27 of the anime series.
  • Kazan Kakuteigi (華山角抵戯?, "Huashan Horn Wrestling") - Used by the Fang King (Kiba Daiō). A martial arts based on the ancient Chinese style of Daraidan (打雷台?, "Thunder Strike Pedestal"). The Kazan Kakuteigi style is said to be the basis of Sumo. Its main technique, the Kazan Kōgai Kohō (華山鋼鎧呼法?, "Huashan Steel Armor Technique") transform the user's body to hardened steel.
  • Kōken (猴拳?, "Monkey Fist") - A martial art used by Amiba's henchman, Habu. Habu was gifted with increased agility and skills due to a keiraku hikō point Amiba pressed. In addition, he uses a special attack called Yaen Gasatsu Ken (野猿牙殺拳?, "Wild Monkey Fang Murdering Fist"), a Ruyi Jingu Bang pole attack.
  • "Amiba-style Hokuto Shinken" (アミバ流北斗神拳 Amiba-ryū Hokuto Shinken?) - An imitation of Hokuto Shinken developed by Amiba through his research of the keiraku hikō points. It was an unnamed style in the original manga. In Ten no Haō, Amiba says he will name his style Hokuda Shinken (北蛇鍼拳?, "Needle Fist of the North Snake").
  • Kokushō Jūji Ken (黒掌十字拳?, "Cross Fist of the Black Hand") - Style from Mount Lu used by Dargel, a henchman of Uighur in the anime series. Appears in episode 38.
  • Ranzan Kurenai Ken (蘭山紅拳?, "Crimson Fist of Orchid Mountain") - Style used by Bella, a prisoner of Cassandra forced to fight Kenshiro for her mother's freedom. Bella inherited the style from her father. Appears in episode 38.
  • Nishin Fūrai Ken (二神風雷拳?, "Dual Gods Wind Thunder Fist") - Style used by Raiga and Fūga, the gatekeepers of Cassandra. It can only be learned by two successors of the same bloodline, the same body type and the same senses; in other words, it can only be used by identical twins. This style consist of using sharp wires connected from Raiga's to Fūga's hands as a way of cutting opponents between the two.
  • Fūrai Jukkyoku Ken (風雷十極拳?, "Wind Thunder Ten Extremities Fist") - Style used by Sōjin, the sifu of Fūga and Raiga. Very similar to the twins' own fighting style, the difference being that it only needs one successor. Appears only in the anime series in episode 42.
  • Sūzan Tsūhi Ken (崇山通臂拳?, "Songshan Passing Elbow Fist") - A martial arts that Raoh stole secrets from after imprisoning its successor.
  • Shuchō Shokei Kenjutsu (首長処刑刀術?, Shiekh Execution Fencing) - Fencing style used by Zarqa (the Captain of the Ken-Ō Bodyguards at Cassandra Dungeon).
  • Katōjutsu (火問術?, "Fire Combat Technique") - Fire-breathing technique used by Galon (the Captain of the Ken-Ō Invasion Squad at Mamiya's village). The style's name in the anime is Ryūto Kaen Jutsu (竜吐火焔術?, "Dragon Breath Flame Technique")
  • Rettō Hakkō Kon (烈闘破鋼根?, "Fierce Combat Break Steel Rod") - Metal rods wielded by a thug who attacks Toki on his way to Mamiya's village.
  • Kōshi Byoma Ken (鉱支猫牙拳?, "Ore Support Cat Claw Fist") - The martial art style used by Komaku, one of Yuda's lieutenants. This style apparently works best in high and narrow places, particularly when used with Komaku's small size and agility. The style only appears in episode 56 of the anime series and was not in the original manga.
  • Tenkai Muō Ken (転界無王拳?, "Rotating World Void King Fist") - A fighting used by Boogaloo in anime episode 83. It uses several somersault techniques, including a flying kick called Tenkai Sesshō Ken (転界殺生拳?, "Rotating World Killing Fist").
  • Kazan Kakutei Harite (華山角抵張手?, "Huashan Wrestling Hand Slap") - A hand slapping technique used by Daruka against Jǔza in anime episode 89.
  • Kazan Sansa Sō (華山三叉槍?, "Huashan Trident") - A lance fencing style used by Balda in anime episode 92.
  • Kazan Gokuaku Sō (華山獄握爪?, "Huashan Prison Clenching Claw") - A spinning attack performed by Bask.
  • Kenka Kenpō (ケンカ拳法?, "Brawling Martial Arts") - A powerful punching style practiced by Ein.
  • Saiminjutsu (催眠術?, "Hypnosis Technique") -A fighting style used by Gayler to brainwash an opponnent with his breath.
  • Shura Nindō (修羅忍道?, "Asura Ninjutsu") - A style of ninjutsu used by the Nameless Asura. The Asura displays a variety of techniques involving the use of its environment.
    • Ninkon Yōhajin (忍棍妖破陣?, Enchanting Destruction Dance of the Ninja Pole) - A series of strikes involving two large poles.
    • Senju Maha (千手魔破?, "Demonic Destruction of a Thousand Hands") - The user throws a set of shurikens to the desert ground, which they will emerge again near the target.
    • Hama Sunagumo (破魔砂蜘蛛?, "The Sand Spider of the Destructive Demon") - The Asura lies on the ground like a spider and begins to camouflage itself under the Earth's layer. This is the technique which earned the Nameless Asura's popular nickname, Sunagumo.
    • Dokugumo Shutō (毒蜘蛛手刃?, "Hand-Blade of the Venomous Spider") - The first half of the Asura's aerial attack. The user concentrates and puts all of his weight into a single hand.
    • Meppa Yōga (滅把妖牙?, "Enchanting Fang of the Extinguishing Grasp") - The second half of the Asura's aerial attack, in which the Asura uses a flesh-piercing attack with his hand.
  • Yūtō Sekien Bu (誘闘赤円舞?, "Red Circle Dance of Persuading Combat") - Multiple hand thrusts performed by Alf.
  • Mōko-ryū Yōkin Shō (孟古流妖禽掌?, "Ancient Style Bewitching Bird Palm") - A style used by Kaiser which allows it users to remove an opponent's internal flesh without leaving an open wound. The style has a single special attack called Kohai Yūga Tō (虎背熊牙盗?, "Bear Claw Pilfer of the Tiger Back"), which Kaiser attempts to use against Shachi. He has another attack called Baddara (伐陀羅?)
  • Saigoku Ha Ginsō (西嶽派銀槍?, "West Peak Sect Silver Spear") - Style mastered by a newly-named Asura. Han remarks that it's an inferior style to Hokuto Ryūken, angering the Asura.
  • Kōga Dansui (交牙断随?, "Cut of the Intercepting Fangs") - A crab-fighting style used by Shie.
  • Juryū Razan Jin (呪龍羅斬陣?, "The Ashuran Killing Stance of the Cursed Dragon") - A fighting stance used by Asuran soldiers where they take the shape of a centipede.
  • Kōga Tetsujō Shi (甲牙徹条刺?, "Penetrating Stab of the Armored Fang") - Scorpion-based fighting style used by Gyamon in anime episode 132.
  • Kijūken (羈獣拳?, Reigned Beast Fist) - A style used by Kōketsu where leapts onto the back of his robotic "Pet" to control him. The beast uses a tonfa attack call the Hanku Ha Kon (煩苦覇棍?, "Supreme Rod of Suffering").
  • Daijō Nanken (大乗南拳?, "Southern Fist of Mahayana") - The martial art of the Sava Kingdom's royal family. It successor is the King of Sava, Asam and his three sons: Kai, Bukou and Satora. It is a powerful style which can cut through the flesh and bones with a single strike and is one of the few martial arts style which uses weapons in addition to one's bare fists (as evident by the three brothers' use of swords and mace). According to its legend, when the Daijō Nanken successors are in disorder, the Hokuto Shinken successor will come to establish order.
  • Hakusō Myōken (白爪妙拳?, "Mysterious Fist of the White Claw") - A sword fighting style used by the warlord Zord, who fought against Bolge.
  • Tazu Kyōja Kon (多頭凶蛇棍?, "The Evil Snake Rod of Multiple Heads) - A whip-like rod used by Bolge.
  • Hokumon no Ken (北門の拳?, "Fist of the North Gate") - Featured prominently in the novel Jubaku no Machi and the OVA New Fist of the North Star, Hokumon no Ken is a style created by a former Hokuto Shinken student who failed to become successor.

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