Ship Name Literary Work
Length Method of Propulsion Member of a "class" Number of ships built in class Total number of ships in fleet Name of Affiliation Name of ship type Capable of landing on planets
USS Enterprise
(1st genenration)
Star Trek 288.6 metres (947 ft) [1] warp drive
impulse drive
Yes, Constitution class 13 unknown Star Fleet Starship No
Galactica Battlestar Galactica 1,445 m/4,740 ft[2] FTL drives
-Sublight engines
Yes, Galactica class 12 120 Colonial Fleet Battlestar No
none Star Wars 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) [3] Solar ionization reactor Yes, Imperial class unknown unknown Galactic Empire
New Republic
Star Destroyer No
EAS Agamemnon Babylon 5 1,714.3 metres (5,624 ft) [4] Jumpgate
4 main sublight engines
Yes, Omega class 31 unknown Earth Alliance Starship No


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