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This is a list of bus routes for the metropolitan area of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

V Series (AC Volvo) [WBSTC]Edit

File:AC Volvo.jpg

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]] - New Town via Prince Anwar Shah Road, Jadavpur P.S., Kalikapur, Ruby Hospital, Science City, Chingrighata, Nicco Park, Sector 5, College More, Technopolis

(Note: V10 & V20 available at Barasat from 8am to 9am & from Exide or Chetla 6.30pm to 7.30pm)

VS Series (AC Volvo) [WBSTC]Edit

File:AC Volvo Kolkata.jpg

MW Series (AC Marcopolo) [WBSTC]Edit

File:AC Pink Marcopolo.jpg

MH Series (AC Marcopolo) [WBHIDCO]Edit

File:AC Purple Marcopolo.jpg
File:AC WBSTC Green Marcopolo Kolkata.jpg

(Note: MH2 & MH4 available at Barasat from 8am to 10am & at Exide from 5pm)

MB series (AC Marcopolo) [BHBL]Edit

File:BHBL Tata Marcopolo.jpg

SD SeriesEdit


AS Series

Buses without Route Numbers (Franchise) :


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CTC BusesEdit


Buses run by HIDCO for New Town and Rajarhat and to various parts of the city

Pvt Buses (Nadia)Edit

Buses without Route Numbers

Krishnanagar - Hulorghat via Dhubulia
Krishnanagar - Katwa Ghat via Dhubulia, Bethuadahari, Debagram
Krishnanagar - Bethuadahari via Dhubulia, Rukunpur, Kandowa, Dharmada
Ranaghat - Bajitpur Ghat via Aishmali
Krishnanagar - Ichapur Ghat via Dayerbazar, Madhabpur
Krishnanagar - Birpur Ghat via Dhubulia, Bethuadahari
Krishnanagar - Shimulia via Chapra, Ranabandh Ghat
Krishnanagar - Kanainagar Ghat via Chapra, Tehatta, Haripur
Ranaghat - Balagar Ghat
Ranaghat - Nabadwip Ghat via Santipur, Baganchra, Bhaluka
Ranaghat - Katwa Ghat via Krishnanagar, Bethuadahari
Krishnanagar - Kaliganj via Bethuadahari, Debagram
Hularghat - Burdwan via Krishnanagar, Nabadwip, Nadanghat
Ranaghat - Duttafulia via Aranghata
Ranaghat - Katwa via Krishnanagar,Nabadwip
Nabadwip- Burdwan Via Nadanghat,Kusumgram
Nabadwip- Benachiti Via Nadanghat,Kusumgram,Burdwan,panagarh
Nabadwip- Asansol Via Nadanghat,Kusumgram,Burdwan,Durgapur
Nabadwip- Burnpur Via Nadanghat,Kusumgram,Burdwan,Durgapur,Asansol
Nabadwip- Bankura Via Nadanghat,Kusumgram,Burdwan,Durgapur
Nabadwip- Kalna Via Samudragarh
Nabadwip- Tarapith Via Katwa
Nabadwip- Tarakeswar Via Memari
Nabadwip- Rampurhat Via Katwa
Nabadwip- Basirhat Via Ranaghat,Habra
Nabadwip- Balurghat Via Berhampur,Maldah
Nabadwip- Siliguri Via Berhampur,Maldah
Nabadwip- Barasat Via Ranaghat
Nabadwip- Kalyani Via Ranaghat
Nabadwip- Memari Via Kalna
Nabadwip- Pandua Via Kalna
Nabadwip- Dinhata Via Berhampur, Maldah, Coochbehar
Nabadwip- Gangarampur Via Berhampur, Maldah
Nabadwip- Barakar Via Nadanghat, Kusumgram, Burdwan, Durgapur, Asansol
Nabadwip- Bajitpur Via Nadanghat, Kusumgram, Burdwan, Durgapur
Krishnanagar- Suri via Nabadwip, Katwa
Karimpur- Burdwan via Krishnagar, Nabadwip
Santipur- Benachiti via Nabadwip, Burdwan
Maldah- Burdwan via Krishnagar, Nabadwip, Berhampur
Krishnanagar- Puruliya via Nabadwip, Burdwan, Durgapur, Bankura
Krishnanagar- Bolpur via Nabadwip, Katwa
Ranaghat- Benachiti via Santipur, Krishnanagar, Nabadwip, Burdwan

Private BusesEdit

File:Bus No 58.jpg

K SeriesEdit

The 200 Series of RoutesEdit

The DN Series of RoutesEdit

The MN Series of RoutesEdit

The JM Series of RoutesEdit

The MM Series of RoutesEdit

STA RoutesEdit

Mini BusesEdit

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