Unscheduled and TBA

Release date Artist Album Genre Label Producer Notes Ref.
September Escape the Fate Untitled Fourth studio album [1]
August 28, 2012 Parabelle Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even Fourth studio album featuring Kevin Matisyn, former lead singer of Evans Blue
Unscheduled A Day to Remember Common Courtesy Fifth studio album [2]
Unscheduled Alexis Jordan Untitled Second studio album [3]
Unscheduled Alice in Chains Untitled Fifth studio album [4][5]
Unscheduled Amelle Berrabah Rebelle
Unscheduled Army of the Pharaohs In Death Reborn Fourth studio album
Unscheduled Atoms for Peace Untitled XL Recordings Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich Debut studio album
Unscheduled Avril Lavigne Untitled Epic Records fifth studio album
Unscheduled Bad Religion Untitled Sixteenth studio album [6]
Unscheduled Beady Eye Untitled Second studio album [7]
Unscheduled Black Light Burns The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall Second studio album, first in 5 years [8]
Unscheduled Buckcherry Confessions [9]
Unscheduled Chris Rene I'm Right Here Debut studio album [10]
Unscheduled Lil' Kim Untitled Fifth Studio Album [11]
Unscheduled Phil Beer Boys Called William/Girls Called Nancy Chudleigh Roots Seventh studio albums [12]
Unscheduled The Bouncing Souls Untitled [13]
Unscheduled Dr. Dre Detox Hip hop Aftermath, Interscope Dr. Dre Third studio album
Unscheduled Hilary Duff Untitled Fifth studio album [14]
Unscheduled Electric Six Untitled Debut live album, including live recording of Fire [15]
Unscheduled Fang Island Major Second studio album
Unscheduled Fates Warning Untitled [16]
Unscheduled Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson Untitled Posthumous duet album [17]
Unscheduled Fuel Untitled Hard rock, Post-grunge Fifth studio album [18]
Unscheduled The Gathering Untitled [19]
Unscheduled Guns N' Roses Untitled Seventh studio album [20]
Unscheduled Jonny Craig The Blue Print For Going In Circles Second solo album [21]
Unscheduled Killswitch Engage Untitled
Unscheduled Kings of Leon Sixth studio album [22]
Unscheduled Kraftwerk Untitled Eleventh studio album [23]
Unscheduled Kyuss Lives! Untitled [24]
Unscheduled Ellie Lawson Untitled [25]
Unscheduled Limp Bizkit Stampede of the Disco Elephants HipHop / Alternative / Rock Cash Money Seventh studio album [26]
Unscheduled Little Boots Untitled Second studio album [27]
Unscheduled Make Do and Mend Everything You Ever Loved Second studio album [28]
Unscheduled Missy Elliott Block Party Hip hop, R&B Goldmind, Atlantic Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Danny!, Danja, Stargate, Ishi, Soul Diggaz, Pointguard, T. Gooch, The Neptunes, Pharrell, Bloodshy & Avant, T-Pain Seventh studio album
Unscheduled Mark Knopfler Untitled Seventh solo studio album, Q3/Q4 release [29]
Unscheduled Metallica Untitled Tenth studio album [30]
Unscheduled MGMT MGMT Psychedelic rock Columbia Andrew VanWyngarden, Ben Goldwasser Third studio album, inspired by R.E.M. [31]
Unscheduled M.I.A. Matangi Fourth studio album [32]
Unscheduled Motörhead Untitled Covers album [33]
Unscheduled Murderus Untitled Second Studio Album [34]
Unscheduled My Bloody Valentine Untitled Third Studio Album [35]
Unscheduled My Chemical Romance Conventional Weapons Previously unreleased studio material [36]
Unscheduled Neon Hitch Beg, Borrow and Steal Debut Album
Unscheduled Keke Palmer Keke Palmer [37]
Unscheduled Mike Posner Sky High Second studio album [38]
Unscheduled Queens of the Stone Age Untitled Sixth studio album [39]
Unscheduled Rancid Untitled Eighth studio album [40]
Unscheduled Ratatat Untitled Fifth studio album [41]
Unscheduled Rob Zombie Untitled Fifth studio album [42]
Unscheduled Leon Thomas III Untitled Debut solo album [43]
Unscheduled Slayer Untitled Twelfth studio album [44]
Unscheduled The Strokes Untitled Fifth studio album [45]
Unscheduled Suicidal Tendencies Untitled [46]
Unscheduled Tech N9ne and K.A.B.O.S.H. Amafrican Psycho [47]
Unscheduled T.I. Trouble Man Hip hop Grand Hustle, Atlantic T.I., Jason Geter, Big K.R.I.T, Two Band Geeks, 1500 or Nothin', Rico Love, The Neptunes, The Runners, T-Minus Eighth studio album
Unscheduled Tomahawk Oddfellows Ipecac Records Fourth studio album, featuring Trevor Dunn [48]
Unscheduled Tool Untitled Fifth studio album, first in 6 years [49][50]
Unscheduled Vertical Horizon Untitled Alternative rock, pop rock Sixth studio album [51]
December 2012 Victoria Justice Untitled [52]
Unscheduled Visage Untitled Fourth studio album [53]
Unscheduled Wolfmother Untitled Third studio album [54]
Unscheduled Wu-Tang Clan Untitled Sixth studio album
Unscheduled Aly & AJ Untitled First album under new name, 78violet [55]


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