Below is a list of the affiliations of Rajat Gupta.

Source: various official biographies May be incomplete and quite likely out-of-date[1][2][3][4]


  • Managing director (CEO), McKinsey & Company, Inc.
  • Chairman of the Board, Genpact Limited
  • Member of the Board, AMR Corporation and American Airlines Inc. subsidiary
  • Member of the Board, Goldman Sachs
  • Member of the Board, Harman International.
  • Member of the Board, Procter and Gamble
  • Member of the Board, Sberbank
  • Co-Founder and Member of the Advisory Board, Symphony Technology Group


Status unknown:
  • Member of the Board, Qatar Financial Centre
  • Chairman of the Advisory Board, Clutch Group LLC
  • Member of the Advisory board, Fjord Capital Partners Ltd
  • Senior advisor, TeleSoft VC partners
  • Advisor, Novitaz, Inc.
  • Advisor, OmniCapital Group LLC




Business schools

Status unknown:

Medical schools

Status unknown:


  • Member of the Board, Pratham India Education Initiative
  • Member of the Board, Millennium Promise

Global Health

Status unknown:
  • Chairman of the India AIDS Initiative, The Gates Foundation
  • Member of the Board, Global Health Council
  • Member, United Nations Commission on the Private Sector and Development
  • Member of the Board, International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM)
  • Member of the Board, Health Management Research Institute

Other nonprofit

Status unknown:

Global business



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