This is a list of carriers providing Short Message Service (SMS) transit via SMS gateways.

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Carrier Region Mail-to-SMS gateway Web-to-SMS gateway SMS-to-mail gateway
Gateway number Message format
Smsala INDIA PC / Online Based Text Messaging BULK SMS GATEWAY AND API FOR DEVELOPER N/A PC / Online Based Text Messaging / Android App UK Easy web screen, Email to sms or API's for programmers - This is a business only charged for service Business SMS only, use screens, email or API's [1] Easy Programmer's Manual with example code for cutting and pasting into your applications. Pakistan Complete Developer API Just reply to the number from which you receive the SMS web based sms, 2 ways sms, and api Philippines Complete Developer API Just reply to the number from which you receive the SMS web based sms, 2 ways sms, and api United Kingdom Free Gateway, Replyable Reply to received messages Send from web, email, receive free with api Norway, Denmark, Sweden List all services Customized Full standalone, and integrated solutions.
Msg2Send Singapore Web Based Msg2Send N/A United Kingdom Free from web only N/A Reply to SMS received to email the sender
CoolSMS SMS Gateway Denmark sms<number>[1] Short code or MSISDN Received SMS are sent to the user via smtp, smpp or HTTP
Kapow SMS Gateway United Kingdom <number>[1] Short code or MSISDN Received SMS are sent to the user via email or HTTP United Kingdom PC / Online Based Text Messaging N/A PC / Online Based Text Messaging
All Carrier International Free Registration Required - N/A
Aircel India Not working for some reason
Airtel India Not working for some reason
Airtel Karnataka, India Not working for some reason
Ahra Samaneh Iranian Co. ( اهرا سامانه ایرانیان ) Iran (missing?) [2]
Airfire Mobile United States [3]
Aio Wireless United States [4]
Alaska Communications United States [5]
Aliant Canada
Alltel (Allied Wireless) United States (SMS) (MMS)

Verizon Wireless (merger with Alltel was completed in November 2009)[2] United States[3] (SMS & MMS) (SMS) (MMS) (SMS)

Altiria Spain[4] SMS masivo
Ameritech United States [7]
Amitas Digital Australia Requires Login [8]
Anchor Mobile United States [9]
Andhra Pradesh AirTel India [10]
Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular India [11]
Api4SMS Austria Requires Login SMS Gateway
aql United Kingdom[5] [12] 44 7766 40 41 42 address text
SourceSMS United Kingdom [13] address text
Assurance Wireless United States
AT&T Mobility United States (SMS), (MMS) (Note: This gateway fails to handle complete phone numbers; the country code must be omitted, leaving only the ten-digit NANP number.)[6]

Requires login[7] 121 111[8] address text

address (subject) text

AT&T grandfathered customers (originally AT&T, then Cingular, now AT&T Mobility). Officially offline since June 10, 2010, under AT&T ticket CM20100610_10186966. United States 121 address text
AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular) United States

AT&T Enterprise Paging United States
AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite - Powered By Soprano United States [9]
B2Bsms B2B SMS India or

Beeline (Russia) Russia
Bell Mobility & Solo Mobile Canada or or

BellSouth United States [16]
blablaSMS International [17]
Bluegrass Cellular United States (SMS) (MMS)

Bluesky Communications American Samoa, United States
Boost Mobile United States (SMS) (MMS)[10]

Strata United States (SMS)
Bouygues Telecom (company) France
Box Internet Services SMS Gateway Switzerland (SMS) (MMS)

SMS Gateway

+ SMS API [11]

SFR France International Requires Login SMS Gateway International Requires Login SMS Gateway API International Requires Login [19]
C Beyond (All Page Wireless)
Cellcom United States
Cellular South United States
Centennial Wireless United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (merging with AT&T Mobility) [20]
Cequens Middle East And Africa Requires signup at
Chariton Valley Wireless United States
Chat Mobility United States
Chennai Skycell / Airtel India [21]
Chennai RPG Cellular India [22]
China Mobile China
Cincinnati Bell Cincinnati, Ohio, United States (SMS) (MMS)

Cingular (Postpaid) United States

[23] (must be logged in prior to visiting this link)
Claro Brazil [24] (registration not required)
Claro Nicaragua [25]
Claro Peru [26]
Claro Puerto Rico [27]
Cleartalk United States [28]
Claro Colombia [29]
Connection Software (CSoft) United Kingdom [30]
Consumer Cellular United States [31] Subject and Body are concatenated into the text message
Cricket United States (SMS and MMS) [32] (note: Cricket does not allow SMS messages to be sent to phone. All messages are MMS)
C Spire Wireless United States [33]
Accessyou Hong Kong (MMS) [34]
CSL Hong Kong (MMS) [35]
CTI Móvil (Now Claro) Argentina [36]
CTI Móvil (Now Claro) Paraguay [37]
CTI Móvil (Now Claro) Uruguay [38]
Delhi Airtel India [39]
Digicel (Dominica) Dominica (no-area-code) [40]
DTC United States
E-Plus Germany [41]
Edge Wireless United States [42]
Element Mobile United States
Emtel Mauritius [43]
Esendex United Kingdom [44]
Esendex Australia [45]
Esendex United States [46]
Esendex Spain [47]
Eventis Moldova [48] United States [49]
Fido Canada (as of June 2012) [50] ( Rogers' Web server is faster )
Firmensms Austria Requires Login SMS Gateway
Freebie SMS Europe [51] ( Message in subject line )
General Communications Inc. Alaska, United States [52]
Globalstar (satellite) International or [53]


Globul Bulgaria [55]
Goa Airtel India [56]
Goa Idea Cellular India [57]
Golden State Cellular California, United States [58]
Greatcall California, United States [59]
Gujarat Idea Cellular India [60]
Gujarat Airtel India [61]
Gujarat Celforce / Fascel India [62]
Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Guyana [63]
Haryana Airtel India [64]
Haryana Escotel India [65]
Hawaiian Telcom Wireless Hawaii, United States
HSL Mobile United Kingdom[12] [66]
Helio South Korea and United States
Himachai Pradesh Airtel India
ICE Costa Rica 1001 address : (subject) text
Iridium (satellite) International[13] [67]
i wireless (T-Mobile) Midwest, United States [68]
i-wireless (Sprint PCS) United States [69]
Kajeet United States
Karnataka Airtel India [70]
Kerala Airtel India [71]
Kerala Escotel India [72]
Kolkata Airtel India [73]
Koodo Mobile Canada [74]
LongLines United States [75]
Lynx Mobility Canada [76]
M1 Singapore [77]
Madhya Pradesh Airtel India [78]
Maharashtra Airtel India [79]
Maharashtra Idea Cellular India [80]
Más Móvil Panama [81]
Mediaburst United Kingdom [82]
Ncell(Previously Mero Mobile)[14] Nepal (Requires registration) [83]
Meteor Ireland (SMS) (Not currently valid) (MMS) (No longer working : (Sender not allowed error)

MetroPCS United States
Moldcell Moldova [85]
Mobiltel Bulgaria [86]
Mobitel Sri Lanka [87] Mobitel no longer offers email2sms. Sri Lanka [88]
Movistar Argentina [89]
Movistar Colombia [90]
Movistar Spain [91]
Movistar Spain and Latin America
Movistar Uruguay
MTN South Africa [92]
MTS Mobility Canada [93]
Mumbai Airtel India [94] India Requires Registration[15]
My-Cool-SMS United Kingdom [95]
Nepal Telecom Nepal [96]
Nextech United States [97]
Nextel Mexico [98]
Nextel Argentina [99]
O2 Germany [100]
OgVodafone Iceland [101]
Orange Moldova Moldova [102]
Orange Netherlands no dns for [103]
Orange Switzerland [104]
Orange United Kingdom [105]
Oxygen8 United Kingdom Requires Login SMS Gateway
Page Plus Cellular (Verizon MVNO) United States (SMS) (MMS) (MMS)



Panacea Mobile Worldwide (SMS) [108] (requires login) subject: username password

body: the message

Pioneer Cellular United States
Personal Argentina (call for activation) [109]


Plus Poland ( [110]
Pocket Wireless Texas, United States
PC Telecom Canada
Punjab Airtel India [111]
Qwest Wireless United States [112]
Red Pocket Mobile (AT&T MVNO) United States (SMS) (MMS)

Rogers Wireless Canada and United Stateslog or Requires Login[17] Name (subject) text (Note: Subject must be in plain text, not Q-encoded as described in RFC 2047.)
RoutoMessaging Worldwide [113] Subject: Sender ID (Originating Address who is sending the message) Body: the message (Note: plain text emails supported)
SaskTel Canada

Sendega Norway (registration required) [115] Content support: subject, body or subject + body. Settings available from website (login required)
Setar Mobile email (Aruba) Aruba ( [116]
Síminn Iceland [117]
Simple Mobile United States [118]
SMS Broadcast Australia Requires Login [119] Australia Requires Login
SMSPapa Australia Requires Login [120]
SMSPal Australia Requires Login [121]
SMS4Free United States [122]
SMSPUP Australia Requires Login [123]
Starhub Enterprise Messaging Solution (powered by Soprano) Singapore ) [124]
Southernlinc United States (SMS)
South Central Communications United States (SMS) [125]
Spikko Israel [126]
Sprint United States (SMS) (MMS) --> No Longer valid as Sprint no longer supports MMS via email to phone.

[127] requires login 6245 address message
Straight Talk United States (SMS) (SMS if using the AT&T SIM) (MMS or SMS when using the T-Mobile SIM, begin 'number' with 1 then phone number) (MMS) (MMS & SMS) (T-Mobile SIM MMS & SMS) (SMS) (MMS)

Solavei United States (MMS or SMS) --Uses T-mobile's gateway -- number is the 10 cell number or can include 1 at the beginning. [128] 500[18] address text



Sunrise Communications Switzerland [129] (registration required)
Swisscom Switzerland [130]

[131] [132]

Syringa Wireless United States
TeletopiaSMS Norway (registration required) [133] Content settings available from website
T-Mobile United States (MMS or SMS) --number can and by default properly begins with "1" (the US country code) [134] 500[18] address text



T-Mobile (Optus Zoo) Australia Requires Login[19]
T-Mobile Austria ( [135]
T-Mobile Croatia ( [136] 100 address##subject#text
T-Mobile Germany [137]
T-Mobile Netherlands [138]
Tamil Nadu Airtel India [139]
Tamil Nadu Aircel India [140]
Tele2 Sweden [141]
Telecom New Zealand New Zealand [142]
Teleflip United States [143]
Telekom Srbija Serbia [144]
Telstra Integrated Messaging (powered by Soprano) Australia Requires Login[20]
All Australian Mobile Networks Australia Requires Login[21]
Telus Mobility Canada and United States (SMS) (MMS)

TellusTalk Europe [146]
TextOver United Kingdom Log into TextOver for details [147]
TextAnywhere United Kingdom [148]
Thuraya (satellite) International [149]
Tigo (Formerly Ola) Colombia [150]
TIM Italy [151]
Ting United States (SMS)

No MMS Gateway

TracFone (prepaid) United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands direct:


Txtlocal United Kingdom [152]
Telcel Mexico [153]
UkraineCalling International [154]
Unicel United States [155]
UniMóvil Corporation United Kingdom [156]
Union Wireless United States [157]
Unité Moldova [158]
US Cellular United States (SMS) (MMS)

USA Mobility United States (SMS) [160]
UTBox Australia Requires Login[22]
Uttar Pradesh West Escotel India [161]
Verizon Wireless United States (SMS) (MMS)

[162] 6245 address (subject) text
Viaero United States (SMS) (MMS)

Vivo Brazil [164] (registration required)
Virgin Mobile Canada 6245 address message
Virgin Mobile United States (SMS)[23] (MMS)[24]

6245 address message
Virgin Mobile United Kingdom Does not appear to work[19]
Vodacom South Africa [165] (registration required)
Vodafone Czech Republic (registration required in Samoobsluhy)
Vodafone Germany [166]
Vodafone Italy 3**
Vodafone Portugal [167] (registration required)
Vodafone Spain [168]
Vodafone New Zealand [169]
Voyager Mobile United States
West Central Wireless United States [170]
Wind Mobile Canada 4000[25] address text
XIT Communications Texas, United States [171]
Polkomtel Poland [172]

A few software libraries and resources have cropped up that utilize the gateways in the list for application software development purposes.

Company/Author Name Language License
Brendan Lim SMS Fu Ruby Open Source (MIT)
CubicleSoft E-mail to SMS/MMS Gateways in JSON format JSON Open Source (MIT/LGPL)


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