Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is a South Korean variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Barefooted Friends. This show is classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows. The MCs and guests complete missions in a landmark to win the race. It first aired on July 11, 2010 with 147 episodes currently aired.


Below is a list of episodes where Monday Couple (월요커플) interacted with each other which is known as Monday Couple Moment to fans. Some are set up by the PDs and some are initiated by either or both Kang Gary and Song Ji-hyo.

Episode Description Time
8 During the "Leisurely Tea" segment, Jaesuk asked Ji Hyo what is she good at. Gary butt in and said "Love. She has lovely eyes." It was the first hint of the impending loveline. 00:08:43
10 Ji Hyo and Gary were separated into two different teams. The rest of the members and guests left and decided to leave Gary and Ji Hyo so they could "get to know each other" according to Haha. It was so awkward that Gary decided to make fun of the situation. He eventually left to buy coffee from the vending machine but didn't have enough coins for two coffee. He gave the cup he got to Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo, then, split it and gave the other half to Gary. It broke the ice a little and when the team returned, Gary said he will sit beside Ji Hyo. 00:48:02
11 In a game that was to prank Gary, Ji Hyo was the first to put a stamp on Gary's face. Gary made fun of the situation. He asked Ji Hyo if she wants to win the game. Ji Hyo said yes and Gary said what he wants is her. Because Ji hyo said she want to win, Gary purposely let Ji Hyo win 00:11:57
12 Gary caught Ji Hyo and was supposed to tear her nametag but let her escape in exchange for her phone number. 00:55:11
14 Haha told Gary and Ji Hyo they should go out every Monday (day of the filming), formally naming the couple. 00:01:33
15 Song Joong Ki creates a love triangle when he kissed Ji Hyo on the cheek in a game that was supposed to raise her heart rate. When the other members teased Gary, he said "I am okay. The other cheek hasn't been kissed yet." Gary rapped for Ji Hyo. 00:22:38
16 Ji Hyo officially declares that "on Monday, I have a man" confirming the loveline. 00:01:40
17 Monday couple moment during the spelling test. 00:21:18
18 Song Joong Ki continue to pursue the love triangle when he recreated the Titanic moment with Ji Hyo. In the end, Ji Hyo chose Gary. Later, in the nametag ripping game, Gary let go of Ji Hyo again after she agreed to make their own version of the Titanic moment.
19 HaHa coerced Gary into helping Jong Kook, the lone hunter that night, since they already have Running Man balls. Gary agreed. When Ji Hyo learned of it, she said it's the end of Monday Couple. Gary apologized.
20 While strapped to a lie detector, Ji Hyo admits she finds Gary attractive.
21 Ji Hyo says that Monday Couple broke up, Gary defends that it's just starting.
22 During the Christmas shopping game, Haha left claiming he needs to go to the restroom. The Monday Couple shopped together and decided to choose the item they want and just take the punishment together.
25 Park Bo Young shows her support for the Monday Couple. During Secret Gary Mission, as Cameramen, Gary only focus on filming Ji Hyo.
26 Gary intentionally forfeits a game so he can dance with Ji Hyo.
27 Gary and Ji Hyo wear the same outfits.
28 Ji Hyo and Gary hold hands during Find the Guest; they're teamed up together with an awkward Kim Jong Kook for a karaoke game. Later, when Ji Hyo's weight was revealed, Ji Hyo told Gary he needs to protect her. Gary said he will protect her but not when it comes to her weight. 00:27:18
29 Ji Hyo and Joong Ki betrayed Yoo Jae Suk to join Jong Kook's team. Gary, who initially only wanted to join a team that Ji Hyo was going to join, was forced by Yoo Jae Suk to be in their team.
The cast fills out their profiles, and Gary reveals his aspiration to be Ji Hyo's boyfriend; Joong Ki jokes that Ji Hyo should be Gary's wife.
30 Monday Couple with new hairstyles. Gary composes a traditional song for the Monday Couple.
31 Ji Hyo abandons Gary and joins Jae Suk's team.
32 Ji Hyo saw a bunch of girls around Gary and inviting him to whatever it is they were inviting him to, Ji Hyo barged in and asked everyone to step aside saying "It is Monday. Gary is my man."
Ji Hyo and Gary go on a Valentine's Day "date" and have some cake together. They parody Secret Garden's coffee mustache gag.
33 Ji Hyo and Gary want to have lunch together at gate number 2 when the mission is to choose gate number 3 or number 5. Gary asking can they separate to 3 teams because he want to be in a team just with Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo betray Gary and choose to be on Jae Suk team
34 Ji Hyo and Gary have lunch together at an Indian restaurant in Hongdae. They drink a couple drink together. Ji Hyo asked him to go to the coffee shop after finishing the food in that restaurant and let the rest members find the guest
35 Ji Hyo decides to take Gary in her team but was later upset with her choice when she saw Gary eating instead of looking for the guest and after being scolded by Joong Ki whom she didn't choose.
37 Ji Hyo and Gary try to parody Secret Garden's sit-up gag.
39 Gary declares he's tired of the Monday Couple and would rather be teamed up with one of the SNSD girls. Gary was the only one to raise his hand to be on Ji Hyo's team.
42 Gary and Ji Hyo face off against each other as the last two survivors of the first Best of the Best game. Ji Hyo, during the nametag ripping battle, asked Gary where the "gentle Gary" went. After the clock struck 12, signalling the end of Monday, Gary ripped off Ji Hyo's nametag. 00:59:33
43 Gary explodes with jealousy when Ji Hyo & HaHa are teamed. When a fan asked where Ji Hyo is, Gary said she's having an affair. 00:04:50
45 Gary and Ji Hyo compete against each other in the fashion model game and created the now famous "stiff couple" dance.
46 Gary and Ji Hyo join in in the "Office Couple" game after being pushed by Haha. Gary is supposed to open his arms and say "honey". If Ji Hyo embraces him, they get the ring. Ji Hyo did embrace him back.
48 Ji Hyo betrays Gary in the National Treasure hunt.
50 Ji Hyo choose Gary to be on her team when Jaesuk and Jong Kook were already taken. Gary said "so it's still us? In the end it's still us."
52 Gary and Ji Hyo were the last two standing on their way to the theme park. After Ji Hyo rolled the dice saving herself from elimination, she jumped and hugged Gary which turned out to be one of their most popular MC moments. Ji Hyo and Gary spent lots of time together during Running Man Hunting game. Choi Min-soo refers to them as the Married Couple.
54 Ji Hyo puts lotion on Gary. Ji Hyo said that during Monday, Gary is the most handsome guy for her.
55 With all the RM men wanting to be paired up with the Idol Female guests, Ji Hyo chose Gary. The game included a piggyback race where Ji Jyo piggybacked Gary when Gary said he needs time to rest after several runs with Ji Hyo on his back.
56 Ji Hyo and Gary are paired up for the entire episode.
59 Ji Hyo says that she lives in Gary's heart but said that Gary asked her to say that.
60 In order to lure Ji Hyo, Gary said let's get some screen time to Ji Hyo, and they both spent their time together, later Gary rip Ji Hyo nametag.
62 Gary realized that Ji Hyo is the "thief" when he saw her socks. Ji Hyo ripped Gary's nametag.
65 Gary and Ji Hyo are paired up for the episode. Ji Hyo was hospitalized the week before when SNSD members were guests. Ji Hyo called out Gary for having "too much fun" with SNSD. Gary said he was sad that she wasn't in the filming. Ji Hyo is still not feeling well, so Gary lets her sleep in the car as he drives. Ji Hyo asked Gary if he will take care of her and Gary said yes. Ji Hyo said "Kang Gary is so cool." Another part of their moments when Gary wriggles his finger on Ji Hyo's hand when she looked outside the window. Gary claims that he accidentally did that as he was searching for a drink. He then grabbed her hand again and he smells his own hand.
66 Gary draws Ji Hyo's name in the wake up relay mission, has to wash her feet to complete the mission.
69 Ji Hyo sent a text message to Gary asking him to save her while each is held hostage in separate rooms.
70 Gary and Ji Hyo are teamed up together. Haha and Jong Kook teased Gary and Ji Hyo during their train ride. Haha pushed Ji Hyo to Gary.
74 During the start of the episode when the selection of partner to become a couple, Ji Hyo thought of Gary on the spot and called Gary through the phone and planned to meet him up at the place where she left him in one of the past episode. Gary picked up the phone by using his mouth. Both of them speaked using sweet tone towards each other. That's when Ji hyo called him GAELLY GAELLY and Gary replied MONG JI MONG JI MONG JI and claimed he's in Ji hyo's heart. When they meet up, Gary was so shocked when Ji Hyo ran towards him and hugged him tight. In the end, Gary and his "lollols" protect Ji Hyo during the 2nd Best of the Best. Gary said it's Monday so he will protect her.
81 Gary returns from his Europe trip straight into the filming. Gary was kidnapped by Lolols who were "angry" because they weren't invited to Europe. When Ji Hyo found Gary, she wouldn't let him sleep. They had some playful time together including a "holding hands while walking" scene.
82 The loveline is officially declared over with the revelation of Ji Hyo's real relationship. Gary said he drank for three days.
90 Gary and Ji Hyo were teamed up despite each others' protests. It was an awkward reunion and they didn't do well in the games.
95 Gary and Ji Hyo start showing signs of becoming more comfortable with each other specifically when Ji Hyo insists that Gary and she should walks with their backs sticking together so she can be protected.
98 Gary and Ji Hyo were shown walking while holding hands. Gary changed Ji Hyo into a zombie. Ji Hyo helped Gary win the game.
99 Gary and Ji Hyo are teamed up together with Ji Suk Jin but there was no MC moment.
105 Gary said to Ji Hyo "Those feelings that still remain... don't think about them anymore."
106 Gary jokes that Ji hyo is his true love when Ji Hyo insists that Gary is the guest's true love. 00:57:16
111 During the telepathic practice,the Monday Couple shouting out same number simultaneously. 00:13:35
112 Yoo Jae Suk said Gary is trying to forget Ji Hyo.
113 In the family meeting,Ji Hyo identity is Gary's wife but they announce that they got divorced. 00:03:40
114 Gary said he was Ji Hyo's ex-boyfriend. Ji Hyo asked Gary to apologize to her too after Gary announced he was quitting Running Man but later came back. 00:12:38
115 Yoo Jae Suk said the Monday Couple love blossomed again in the mud. Gary and Ji Hyo gets paired by chance. KG tells Ji Hyo he got "Monday Blues" after the MC break up. Ji Hyo helped Gary puts his boots back on in the mud game. Ji Hyo said he is high maintenance. Gary agreed saying that's why women can't leave him. 00:28:40
117 Gary jokingly told Ji Hyo "i'm here for you" when all the guys didn't want to be paired with Ji Hyo. Ji Hyo said Gary is really ugly that day.
118 In the couple games, Ji Hyo choose Gary over Jae Suk. They spend time together during Running Man Hunting. Gary scaring Ji Hyo.
119 Ji Hyo asked Gary not to flip her ddakji; Gary tells her he won't if they reunite.
122 Gary stopped Sang Won from doing a handshake and greeting with Ji Hyo. Suk Jin said Gary is Ji Hyo's boyfriend.
123 Ji Hyo called Gary ugly out of the blue. Gary said he will log out from Ji Hyo.
125 Ji Hyo puts on Gary's socks on him and says "he is high maintenance"
Haha tells Gary and Ji Hyo to start dating again.
126 Ji Hyo tells everyone she is sitting beside KG because it's Monday. Gary asked if he should log back in?. 00:10:40
127 Gary is the only one who chose to be teamed up with Ji Hyo and said they will start again in 2013 because he has no choice. Ji Hyo said he appreciates him coming over. Monday Couple officially reunites. 00:05:40
129 Gary helps Ji Hyo as she moves in her hockey uniform, Jaesuk comments they really look out for each other.
130 One of the many un-Monday Couple episodes that was to come. During the 3rd Best of the Best, PDs set up a "proposal" of Gary to Ji Hyo which Ji Hyo rejected. They were also reincarnated as each other. However, later, Gary nudged Ji Hyo to stay away from him. After their reincarnation, Ji Hyo held on to Gary's arms but Gary removed it and asked her to stay away from him again. He also told her that he can't trust her after ripping her nametag. 00:25:50
133 Yoo Jae suk tease the ex-Monday Couple, asking if they’re going on their honeymoon but Gary said It’s their farewell trip. Ji Hyo asked Gary to buy a ring for her.
Ji Hyo asked the store owner to keep the ring for Gary, Gary says it's for Ji Hyo.
134 Ji Hyo ousts Gary from their team.
Ji Hyo made a "cute face" to Gary to let her go last in a game. Gary and Ji Hyo embraced each other after losing a game to Kwang Soo. Gary tears off Ji Hyo's nametag.
135 Gary tells Ji Hyo "there are 4 other chairs" when YJS tells Ji Hyo to sit beside KG
Gary tells Jackie Chan he can't ask for Ji Hyo's number.
Ji Hyo asks KG to choose a dress top to bottom for her. Gary tells her she doesn't need a top or a bottom. Gary then avoided Ji Hyo by asking Haha a question. Ji Hyo won't budge. When she got her turn again, she turned to Gary again. JSJ asks Ji Hyo if she will date Gary. Ji Hyo asks Gary if he wants to date her.
Ji Hyo refers back to the ring they saw in China and told Gary she will think of dating him of he buys her the ring.
137 During their pepero kiss game—bottom lips touch
142 Gary appeared to be jealous of Ji Hyo's close friendship with Lee Sang Yoon. Ji Hyo picked a fight with Gary saying he had too much fun with Lee Yeon Hee the previous episode. Monday Couple Car Talk and when Ji Hyo fix Gary's cap during the hand cart.
143 The Couple faced off in a hip towel wrestling match. When the members teased Gary about the news of him being an 8th level in martial arts, Gary said he is a 3rd level in love. Song Ji-Hyo eventually won the match.
[nb 1]
Ji Hyo and Gary are on the same team again. Gary indulged Ji Hyo in her singing. He complained he is scared of the dark when the train goes through the train. They fed each other. Monday Couple showed off their skills in the classic Peppero Game, this time, their lips fully touched. Gary said they are not shy anymore.
146 Gary said "Looks like she wrote my name" and "Okay, thank you" when Song Ji Hyo's mission was to shout and write the name of the person she loves using her butt. 00:24:02
147 Ji Hyo and Gary teamed up together with Ji Suk Jin. Ji Hyo said Gary is the most handsome man on Monday. After coming up from the pool, Ji Hyo and Gary mistakenly wore each other's cap. Gary told Ji Hyo to tell him directly, and he would give Ji Hyo his heart. Yoo Jae Suk points out that since Ji Hyo did not know when the hats were switched, she must not know when she and Gary are dating either. 00:36:10


  1. Two day after the shooting of this episode, SBS released a video titled "The laws of Love with Monday Couple!" (월요커플 연애의 법칙!). Which showed the birth of Monday Couple to present.[1]


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