Some of the prominent Gotras of Ravidasia are : Ahir,[1] Aheer,[2] Bains,[3] Bangarh, Badhan,Bagha, [4] Banga, Banger, Bassan, Bhardwaj, Bhatoe, Bhoondpaul, Birdi, Chander, Chhiber, Chopra, Chumber, Daroch, Duggal, Gaddu, Gupta, Heer, Jakhu, Jaruhen, Jassal, Jassi, Jhamat, Jhummat, Joti, Joura, Jumbh, Kainth, Kaler, Karde, Kataria, Kouldhar, Ladher, Lamme, Lidher, Loi, Madhar, Mahey, Mahi, Malhan, Mall,Modhi, Mullarh, Pall, Parmar, Pawar, Rai, Raju, Rajveer, Rattu, Rove, Sahota, Salhan, Sandhu, Sandila, Shemar, Sidhu,[5] Simak, Singhmar, Soray, Saroya, Suman, Supra,Toora, Virdi,Maur,Maurchape[citation needed]


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