Galatasaray Spor Kulübü is a Turkish football club, part of the Galatasaray S.K. multi-sport club of Istanbul. Galatasaray is a major sports club in Turkey, holding 18 Turkish Super League titles and the highest number of Turkish Cups.[1] It is one of the three European clubs to ever achieve a continental quadruple, by winning the UEFA Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, the Turkish Super League Championship and the Turkish Cup in 2000. The club's colors are red and yellow, and their home stadium is the Türk Telekom Arena.

This article describes the evolution of the Galatasaray SK first Goalkeeper over the years. The goalkeeper with the most mathes in a season is listes as the the first goalkeeper.

List of Galatasaray SK 1st Goalkeepers

Period Name Seasons
1905-1907 Turkey Asım Tevfik Sonumut 2
1907-1915 Turkey Ahmet Robenson 8
1915-1916 Turkey Hamdi Dardağan 1
1916-1917 Turkey İzzet 1
1917-1920 Greece Haçopulo 3
1920-1921 Turkey Adil Giray 1
1921-1924 Turkey Nüzhet Abbas Öniş 3
1924-1928 Turkey Ulvi Ziya Yenal 4
1928-1930 Turkey Rasim Atala 2
1930-1937 Turkey Avni Kurgan 8
1937-1938 Turkey Sacit Öget 1
1938-1944 Turkey Osman İncili 6
1944-1946 Turkey Erdoğan Atlıoğlu 2
1946-1947 Turkey Osman İncili 1
1947-1949 Turkey Erdoğan Atlıoğlu 2
1949-1958 Turkey Turgay Şeren 9
1958-1959 Turkey Yüksel Alkan 1
1959-1964 Turkey Turgay Şeren 5
1964-1965 Turkey Bülent Gürbüz 1
1965-1966 Turkey Turgay Şeren 1
1966-1967 Turkey Bülent Gürbüz 1
1967-1968 Turkey Yasin Özdenak 1
1968-1970 Turkey Nihat Akbay 2
1970-1977 Turkey Yasin Özdenak 7
1976-1977 Turkey Nihat Akbay 1
1977-1978 Turkey Bahattin Demircan 1
1978-1981 Turkey Eser Özaltindere 3
1981-1982 Turkey Haydar Erdoğan 1
1981-1982 Turkey Eser Özaltindere 1
1983-1984 Turkey Haydar Erdoğan 1
1984-1990 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zoran Simović 6
1990-1994 Turkey Hayrettin Demirbaş 4
1994-1995 Lithuania Gintaras Staučė 1
1995-1996 United States Brad Friedel 1
1996-1998 Turkey Volkan Kilimci 2
1998-2001 Brazil Claudio Taffarel 3
2001-2007 Colombia Faryd Mondragón 6
2007-2008 Turkey Orkun Uşak 1
2008-2009 Italy Morgan De Sanctis 1
2009-2010 Argentina Leo Franco 1
2010-2011 Turkey Ufuk Ceylan 1
2011- Uruguay Fernando Muslera 2

Most total seasons as Goalkeeper

Seasons Name
15 Turkey Turgay Şeren
8 Turkey Ahmet Robenson
8 Turkey Avni Kurgan
8 Turkey Yasin Özdenak
7 Turkey Osman İncili
6 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zoran Simović
6 Colombia Faryd Mondragón
4 Turkey Erdoğan Atlıoğlu
4 Turkey Eser Özaltindere
4 Turkey Hayrettin Demirbaş
3 Greece Haçopulo
3 Turkey Nüzhet Abbas Öniş
3 Turkey Nihat Akbay
3 Brazil Claudio Taffarel
2 Turkey Asım Tevfik Sonumut
2 Turkey Rasim Atala
2 Turkey Bülent Gürbüz
2 Turkey Haydar Erdoğan
2 Turkey Volkan Kilimci
2 Uruguay Fernando Muslera
1 Turkey Hamdi Dardağan
1 Turkey İzzet
1 Turkey Adil Giray
1 Turkey Sacit Öget
1 Turkey Yüksel Alkan
1 Turkey Bahattin Demircan
1 Lithuania Gintaras Staučė
1 United States Brad Friedel
1 Turkey Orkun Uşak
1 Italy Morgan De Sanctis
1 Argentina Leo Franco
1 Turkey Ufuk Ceylan

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