Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube? is a game by Peter Molyneux's new studio 22Cans. Originally called "Curiosity", the game was later renamed to avoid confusion with the Mars rover.

Curiosity is a massively multiplayer social experiment. The game setting is a featureless and minimalist white room in the middle of which floats a giant cube made of billions of smaller cubes ("cubelets") and white, floating text across each layer, usually topic related (hashtag, notifications etc.), with small messages. Players tap the cubelets to dig through the surface of each layer and reveal the next layer below. The goal is to reach the centre and to discover what is inside the cube. Each layer, which has a distinct look or design, contains a clue as to what is in the centre of the cube.[1] Each cubelet destroyed by a player awards them coins. Coins can be spent on tools that temporarily enhance the player's abilities, such as picks ranging from steel to diamond that increase the number of cubelets destroyed with each tap, or firecrackers that can be laid on the cube in long strings to chain together explosions.

Each layer of the cube has a distinct look or design[2][3] and alternate between photos and plain colors.

Layer First exposed Appearance
1 On launch Black
2 6 Nov 2012 Green (Similar to an image of a green lava lamp posted on 22cans' Facebook page)
3 8 Nov 2012 Orange
4 10 Nov 2012 Each side of the cube had a different picture displaying food or household items - scissors, tomatoes, rhubarb.
5 12 Nov 2012 Maroon
6 12 Nov 2012 Eyes
7 12 Nov 2012 Turquoise
8 14 Nov 2012 Textures of what looks like different items of clothing, scarves and hats are noticeable
9 14 Nov 2012 Navy Blue
10 15 Nov 2012 Ivory and black typeface (text from The Walrus and The Carpenter, Through The Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll)
11 15 Nov 2012 Red
12 15 Nov 2012 Stained glass of Biblical scenes
13 15 Nov 2012 Burnt orange/brown
14 15 Nov 2012 A city scene, including an image of the (undestroyed) World Trade Center towers
15 16 Nov 2012 Army Green
16 16 Nov 2012 Bean Salad
17 16 Nov 2012 Pink
18 17 Nov 2012 The Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath, in Kathmandu, Nepal
19 17 Nov 2012 Sea blue
20 17 Nov 2012 Supermarine Spitfire model airplane blueprints
21 18 Nov 2012 Lime Green
22 18 Nov 2012 Each side has a reference to the number 22 e.g. A calendar, a tachometer pointing to 22, a F-22 Raptor, the Messier 22 globular cluster.
23 18 Nov 2012 Green
24 18 Nov 2012 Unknown city and landscape in desert
25 18 Nov 2012 Teal blue
26 19 Nov 2012 Text from A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens
27 19 Nov 2012 Gold
28 19 Nov 2012 Red
29 20 Nov 2012 Black
30 20 Nov 2012 The inside and outside view of a traditional British K6 red telephone box.
31 20 Nov 2012 Crimson
32 21 Nov 2012 Balloons
33 21 Nov 2012 Blue-grey
34 21 Nov 2012 Godus—22cans' reinvention of the God game Populous. Written on each edge of the cube is: "to find out more go to or pledge at"
35 22 Nov 2012Blue
36 22 Nov 2012Extreme closeups of an LCD screen, possibly a monitor or TV, with red, green and blue subpixels visible.
37 22 Nov 2012Burgundy
38 23 Nov 2012Dominoes
39 23 Nov 2012Dark Purple
40 23 Nov 2012Fields of wheat
41 24 Nov 2012Green
42 24 Nov 2012Stained glass (Like layer 12)
43 24 Nov 2012Green
44 25 Nov 2012Pages from "Anster Fair" by William Tennant
45 25 Nov 2012Red
46 25 Nov 2012Wine bottles table settings and a wooden table (including the table's underside)
47 25 Nov 2012Shamrock green / Jade
48 26 Nov 2012Screenshots from a close-up view of the layers 39 and 40
49 26 Nov 2012Yellowish puce
50 26 Nov 2012A bunch of baby ducks


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