Linh Nga Nguyen (lin-NA;) (Nguyễn thị Linh Nga born January 03, 1982)[1] known professionally as Linh Nga, is a Vietnamese actress,[2] ballet dancer, news anchor, host, MC, film director, screenwriter, and formally photographic model.[3]


Born in Nam Dinh City,[4] in the North of Vietnam to parents who separated when she was 10, Linh Nga attended Vietnam college of dance [5] in 1992 when she was 10 years old and graduated from dancing school at age 17 to begin modeling in photographs for magazines in Hanoi Vietnam.[6] At this time, she joined 5 lines band as live lead soprano for some occasional live performances in 2000, but she was not interested in the band's up coming plans. Nga left 5 lines band after a year working together, then she was replaced by another singer. 5 lines band now finally became famous in Vietnam after years of effort. A year after, when she was at the age of 18, Nga passed the exam of Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema[7] and started to study film directing program at this college. After 6 years studying at Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema, Linh Nga graduated Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema and set a new record for highest grade for directing program with the film Quynh and she quickly became the top point earners in the school's history. During this time, Nga also worked for Vietnam Television Station[8] as an actress with series of Television movies and soon became a popular actress with an angel face and inspiring eyes. In 2006,[9] Nga decided to go abroad for her dream of study for film making. She went to America[10] and soon successfully applied to Chapman University[11] for MFA (Master of Fine Art)[12] of film production with sound design emphasis.[13] Linh Nga is currently living in United States with her daughter Mary Linh Pham. She's also working for Vietfacetv [14] (a television station of Thuy Nga Paris by night production)[15] as a professionally well-known news anchor, host, MC, dancer and performer.

Personal life

Linh Nga is a transplanting name of Nga and her only older brother Linh Duy Nguyen. Her mother Bich Thuy had added her name "Nga" (as the moon) to her older brother's middle name "Linh" together to the completed name Linh Nga. In her life of love, Nga has a famous-heart breaking love story with Thuyet (Thuyet Buon vua) a powerful man who is older than Nga 22 years old, as her first love and fiance at her very young age of 18 to 20. Nga married a young man in America in 2008 when she was 26 years old and it was 8 years after the time she was with Thuyet. New rumors have surface that Nga's new marriage is standing in the dark edge of marital disruption after almost 5 years living together.


Year Film Role Notes
1998 Khoảng cách Quỳnh Actor
1999 Ông bầu ca nhạc Thanh Actor
1999 Dây neo hạnh phúc Liên Actor
Nụ cười vàng mã Hoa Actor
2000 Đốm lửa biên thùy ... Actor
2001 Xuôi ngược đường trần Liên Screenwriter, Actor, Vice director
2004 Mạnh hơn công lý Kim Tuyến, Quỳnh Actor
2005 Vùng cửa sóng Actor
Đám cưới ở thiên đường Hương Actor
Gió thiên đường Screenwriter, Director
2006 Quynh Screenwriter, Director, Top point earners in the school's history


  • Linh Nga Nguyen-Nguoi dep mot thoi cua Thuyet Buon Vua [16]
  • Linh Nga Nguyen-Con nguoi can phai duoc dau kho[17]
  • Linh Nga Nguyen-Thuyet Buon Vua noi ve Linh Nga Nguyen[18]
  • Linh Nga Nguyen-Su si nhuc giup toi truong thanh[19]
  • Linh Nga Nguyen-Nhay mua voi vu dieu tu than[20]
  • Linh Nga Nguyen-Tro lai voi Dien Anh[21]
  • Linh Nga Nguyen-Trong Thanh's photo[22]
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