Lily Lodge (born April 12, 1932) is an American Actress and Acting Coach. She is the co-founder of Actors Conservatory. She has coached actors such as Alec Baldwin and actresses such as Brooke Shields. She has two sons, George and Jim. She is also the niece of former Vice-President candidate Henry Cabot Lodge.

Actors Conservatory

Lily Lodge is the current owner of Actors Conservatory, an acting school for aspiring actors. The information from the main website:

"Our work is based on sense memory techniques devised by Constantin Stanislavski in the Russia of the early 1900s. Lee Strasberg further developed these techniques for theatre and film actors in 20th Century America. Elaine Aiken, a student of Lee Strasberg, founded Actors Conservatory in 1988. She and fellow actress teacher Lily Lodge set up the school to provide a safe haven for actors to fine tune their craft.

Actors Conservatory continues to school actors in the Method tradition, encouraging use of the five senses – taste, touch, smell, sound, sight – and many variations. With sensory awareness and behavior modification, the actor becomes a human being on stage or screen, willing to pour himself in to the special eccentricities of a character.

These preliminary techniques take a while to master, leading as they do to new behavior patterns. The actors will move on to using emotion memory techniques and making choices that are innovative and surprising."


Lily has been a part of 6 movies, according to Internet Movie Database.[1]


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