Liberty City Buses route 1 is a Transport for Liberty City contracted bus route in Liberty City. Running between Downtown and Northwood, it is operated by Arriva Liberty.


Route 1 commenced operating on 17 September 1919 between Alderney City and Downtown, Small Reservoir (now Downtown Bus Station) via Northwood and Boulevard. By the end of World War II it had been cut back to operate between Northwood, Grummer Road and Downtown.

On 15 September 1954, route 1 was extended from Downtown to Outlook Park as a replacement for the Old Tramlinker branch line to Outlook Park, which was closed at the same time. In 1961 the route was extended to replace withdrawn trolleybuses to East Holland and Varsity Heights.

In 1988, route 1 was withdrawn between Downtown and Outlook Park, replaced by Route 11.

On 4 April 2015, Route 1 was slightly extended to Wardite Street in Northwood about 4-7 minutes away from Grummer Road in Northwood, so Northwood Wardite Street became the new northern terminus for Route 1.

Current route

Route 1 operates via these primary locations:

  • Downtown Bus Station
  • Cerveza Heights Dukes Boulevard Circular Main High Road
  • Cerveza Heights & East Island City Joint Hospital (Medical Center) & Police Station
  • East Island City Dukes Boulevard Circular Main High Road
  • Steinway Station


  • Steinway Gantry Park
  • Dukes Bay Bridge
  • Industrial Bus Garage
  • Industrial Northern Expressway
  • Little Bay
  • Northern Gardens Joint Hospital (Medical Center) & Police Station
  • Boulevard Welham Parkway
  • Northwood Heights Bridge
  • Northwood
  • Northwood Wardite Street


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