Lexie Hanne Allen (Born Alexis Lexi Charlotte-Hanne Krögh-Allen) 2 June 1987 Bristol, United Kingdom to Norwegain parents,is a English born Norwegain singer and actress. She became a professional singer scense the age of 10.


Krögh-Allen was born just 1 day late on 2 June 1987 to Norwegain parents in Bristol,United Kingdom. She wanted to be a singer and it came true in 1997. She became popular in USA, Norway, United Kingdom and 8 other European countries.

Professional Singing

On 23rd December 1997 they announced that she is a pro at singing because of her voice and talent of dancing and singing at the same time.


She had released 122 solo albums and 45 duett with Jessica Parkes in the 1990s-2000s they met in Belgium at a song competition then Parkes was singing for Sweden and she was singing for Norway. In 1995 they came up and became popular and called their selfs 'Bobby socks Norge'

Bobby socks Norge

They became popular all around Europe they were formed in 1995 whe Krögh-Allen was only 8 years old and Parkes 6. They spilled up in 2005 and came back 2 years later and carried on with their own career and returned in 2007.

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