LettuceBee Kids is a self sustaining entity that reintegrates street children back into the society as responsible contributors to the community. The process will hinge upon four basic guiding principles of life which are:

  • Arts and Crafts | The more you draw, the more you draw [Lettuce bee Design]
  • Relationship with Nature | The more you grow the more you grow [Lettuce bee Deli]
  • Importance of Music | The more you play, the more you play [Lettuce bee Band]
  • Respect of Elders | Adopt a grandparent [Lettuce bee Yours]

The main objective is to provide these children with a home that not only caters to the simple needs of food, shelter and quality education but also provides them with a self sufficient mechanism of survival and self actualization. This will be achieved through the above mentioned, four carefully researched and designed systems. They will constitute as an integral part in their daily life. These four principals will not only help generate revenues to make the home self-sustainable but also provide maximum social inclusion for our children. The underlying aim is to establish human ties that are deified by race, culture, religion or politics. all rights reserved

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