Les Hooper

Les Hooper

Les Hooper (born 27 February 1940 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana)[1] is a composer in Los Angeles, US. His music ranges from classical to blues and jazz; from commercials to concert commissions. His credits include films, television, commercials, live performances, orchestral commissions, and many published pieces of music. He has won an Emmy Award and has had seven Grammy nominations, as well as Clio and film festival awards.[2][3][4]


Television credits (partial)

Year Title Info Limited? Label OOP / SOLD OUT
1979 Lou Grant Incomplete episodes:
"Denial" (season 2)
"Sweep" (season 2)
----- ----- NO CD
1979 Rhoda last season
1979-80 Man Called Sloane various episodes
1982 The Master season
1979-81 Charlies Angels various episodes


Les Hooper Big Band (Chicago Band)

  • Look what they've done[5]
  • Dorian Blue [5]

Les Hooper Big Band (L.A. Band)

  • Raisin' the Roof[5]
  • Anything Goes [5]
  • Out of the Woods (Released December 5, 2006)[6]
  • Live at Typhoon


  • Hoopla 1
  • Hoopla 2
  • Hoopla 3


  • Mirage
  • Afrikka
  • Crossing the Line
  • For the Children
  • Winterscapes
  • Hoopla 3

Awards and nominations

  • Emmy "The Newperformers" NBC
  • Clio "United Airlines Commercial"
  • Grammy "Look What They've Done" Album (nomination)
  • Grammy "Raisin the Roof" Album (nomination)
  • Grammy "The Four of Us" Album (nomination)
  • Grammy "Easy to Love" Album (nomination)
  • Grammy "Anything Goes" Album (nomination)


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