Leonora Moore is a British stage and film actress and filmmaker, known her roles in the independent films Sparrow (2010)[1] and Untitled (2011),[2] both directed by Shaun Troke, and more recently for her lead role as Nikita in The Taiwan Oyster (2012), directed by Mark Jarrett.[3]


Moore graduated from University of Oxford's Wadham College with a four-year Masters Degree in Physics, specializing in Astrophysics and Particle Physics. After graduating from the university, and being fluent in Japanese, she then lived in Japan and taught English language classes.[1] While in Japan, she had a lead role in the Japanese feature film Birthday Transit. She traveled to Los Angeles to receive acting training before returning to England.[4]


In 2009, Moore performed in theatre works The Sister's Walk, Tell Me, DMV Tyrant, Shampoo, and Stop Kiss for Black Box Theatre. She has participated in short films including Welcome to Minou (2009), Beyond my Blue River (2010), Spirit of the Forest (2010), and Extraction (2011).[4]

As a filmmaker, Moore was writer, director, producer, producer, and composer of East (2011), her first feature film, which won 'Best Feature Film at the 2011 UK Film Festival.[5]


As Actress
As filmmaker
  • East (2011)


Twitch Film made note of Moore's performance in The Taiwan Oyster, and wrote that the onscreen chemistry between Billy Harvey and Leonora Moore "is at times breathtaking".[3] Also toward that film, Don Clinchy of the Slackerwood website wrote that Moore did "a great job as Nikita, a smart, savvy woman who is a sober, grounding influence on her intemperate traveling companions."[6]

Awards and nominations


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