“You have to understand. I am no one special. I am just a single girl. I am five feet two inches tall and I am inbetween in every way. ” –Lena, Delirium

Magdalena "Lena" Ella Haloway Tiddle, or more prominently known as Lena, is the main protagonist and the narrator in the Delirium Trilogy. She looks forward to the day when she would be cured and would live a safe, predictable, pain-free life. She became infected and planned to get out of Portland, along with Alex, but ended up jumping over the fence alone, leaving Alex behind.


Early life

Lena was born on the 3rd of Spetember in Portland, Maine. Lena is the daughter of Annabel Haloway and his father, who was never named. Her father died when she was just less than a year old and she believed that her mother died of suicide when she was six. She then lived with her Aunt Carol and Uncle William. She had a very close relationship with her mother and her sister, but that was before her mother died and her sister was cured. She said her mom used to bring to the East End Beach when she was little. Her mother told her to swim and they'd walk out the water at low tide. Her sister used to make sand castles, and they'd pretend that they were real cities that weren't diseased.


Lena starts off Delirium counting down the days to her cure. Working on her interview procedure with her aunt Carol Lena enters the interview procedure along side her bestfriend Hana Tate expecting an averange score which would secure her a resonable match and allow her to procede onto college.

Upon her first interview a stampede of cows interups as a protest to the evaulations and the cure. This is where Lena gets her first sight of Alex Sheathes and believes him to be an invalid in that instant.

After her interview she was matched with Brian Scharff whom aunt Carol deamed a suitable and good match.

Lena develops a relationship with Alex after Hana encourages Lena to trespass upon the government property to which Alex is working as security on.

Alex pursueds Lena to meet up on sevral occasions. The first at Back Cove and then more frequently at 37 Brooks Street, which becomes their regular meeting spot and their hide away from the society.

Lena on one occassion is taken beyond the fence lines of the society and into the wilds by Alex. he shows Lena what life could be like, and from that the pair plan their escape into the Wilds.

Hana ruins this attempt by reporting Lena to the authorities and Lena is placed under house arrest and tided to her bed to stop he escaping.

Grace helps Lena to escape, by untieing her bonds and she flees from her window to an awaiting Alex bellow with a motorbike.

A chase follows, and upon reaching the fence, Alex tells Lena to climb and run whilst sacrificing himself in the process. An expolsion follows and it is believed Alex died.

Lena flees into the wilds and the book ends.


After escaping to the Wilds, Lena endures a number of hardships, learning how to live life on the outside, as well as mourning the loss of Alex, and eventually decides to join the Resistance in New York. She is instructed to watch the DFA , and eventually to keep an eye on Julian Fineman at a large, high-profile DFA rally. It is during this rally turned massacre that they are both imprisoned by Scavengers. Eventually they escape together, falling in love with each other throughout their ordeal. They are separated when they're captured by New York police during the raid on Salvage . Lena sneaks back into New York to rescue Julian, and with the help of Raven and Tack, they make it into the Wilds together. Not too long after their escape, she discovers that Alex is still alive.

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