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Leighton Stultz (born February 4, 1985) is a male fashion and fitness model. He won the Fox Reality Channel reality television series Seducing Cindy.

Stultz has appeared on the cover of the romance novels “Studs” by Beverly Rae and “Boys Down Under” by Karen Mandeville, Maggie Nash, Sarah Dickson, Angela Verdenius and Jessica Dee through Triskelion Publishing. He has been shot by other prominent photographers, including fashion industry notable, Nolé Marin. Leighton has also been photographed in a cookbook for one of the culinary world’s most respected and lauded fine dining establishments, the Anaheim White House, in Orange County, California, owned by Bruno Serato. Leighton has done nude photographic shoots for Playgirl magazine (an 8-page spread in the June 2007 issue) and the Southwest Photography Guild.

Stultz continues to work as a model but has been unsuccessful landing a major acting role.


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