New Zealand Transport Agency governs the rules and sets standards for the health and safety aspects with respect to child restraints in New Zealand. Their guidelines dictate the minimalistic legal requirements for a New Zealand vehicle from the safety perspective. The correct fitting of a car seat can protect individuals and can be a life saver. This page provides details on qualified seat installation processes and approved standardized marks to look out for in child restraints.

The New Zealand Transport Agency, as of March 16, 2012[1] stated that it is mandatory for the passengers to obey few below stated laws while travelling in a vehicle. These rules are regulations are set as per the age of the passengers.

Rules and regulations for different categories of age


Age group of children First Preference (recommended by law) Second Preference (To be followed if first preference cannot be sufficed) Third Preference Preference (minimal mandatory requirement by law if first/second preference cannot be sufficed)
Birth till five years Use an approved child restraint Not Available Not Available
Five to seven years Use child restraint Use a safety belt Travel seated at the back of the vehicle
Eight to fourteen years Use seat belts Travel seated at the back of the vehicle Not Available
Fourteen years and above Use safety belts Not Available Not Available

New Zealand Approved Marks for child restraints

All child restraints must meet the standards set by the New Zealand Transport Agency. There are different marks to indicate this approval from the safety perspective. Approved marks/symbols are shown in the table below[3]:

Symbol Symbol Description Standard followed
Tick Mark Australia and New Zealand standard - AS/NZ 1754
'E' mark and a number European Standard - ECE 44
'S' mark USA Standard - FMVSS 213

The number after 'E' in the ECE 44 standard indicates as to which country certifies the child restraint. Hence the number differs between countries. The EU (European Union) also has similar symbols to indicate safety standards for children travelling in a vehicle.


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