Left Right Left is an Indian television series that aired on SAB TV at 9:30pm IST, from Monday to Thursday, it was directed and produced by Tony Singh and Deeya Singh. The series' second season ended on September 26, 2008, and it was replaced by Jugni Chali Jalandhar.Its inception was a unique concept for Indian TV and titletrack was given by Vishal Shekhar which was widely appreciated.


  • Season 1: The story is based on six confused, disoriented cadets in an Indian Army academy, who face many obstacles, yet stand still. Besides, the story portrays the love of Indian youth of today toward their country. This show revolves mainly around the people of the army academy, "Kanchanjunga Military Academy" (KMA), Ambala Cantt. At the end of this season, Lala Gehlot is arrested and the cadets are recognized for their great bravery.
  • Season two starts with the same set of cadets from Season one and they await the posting letters and all of them end up getting wonderful postings in the army. Season 2 next part is about seven cadets who, like season 1, join KMA. Their story revolves around Eagle, a national enemy. 999, the leader of the anti-social group Eagle, is caught. They learn that 999 is Lala Gehlot, and Captain Randhawa shoots him down. At the end of this season, the cadets leave KMA and stay a part of the Army as part of a special task force.


Season 1
Season 2


Season 1

  • Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat(dead)
  • Captain Naveen Singh Ahluwalia(dead)
  • Dr Ritu Mishra/Bisht(dead)
  • Colonel Shakti Chandra(died)
  • Brigadier Chandok
  • Captain Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan
  • Captain Gunraj Singh Randhawa
  • Dr Shalini
  • Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwalia
  • Cadet Ali Baig
  • Cadet Amardeep Huda
  • Cadet Alekh Sharma
  • Cadet Pooja Ghai
  • Cadet Yadhuvansh Sahni(Yudi)
  • Suri Ji

Season 2

  • Captain Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan
  • Captain Shona Das
  • Captain Gunraj Singh Randhawa
  • Captain Vansh Pradhan(dead)
  • Major Vaibhavi Sharma
  • Major General R. S. Gaur
  • Dr Shalini
  • Cadet Rummy Gaur
  • Cadet Peter Sabnis
  • Cadet Markhand Mallah
  • Cadet Poorvi Bisht
  • Cadet Sameera Shroff
  • Cadet Akriti Bhatt
  • Cadet Vidya Saxena(dead)
  • Suri Ji

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