LEE TUCK was ( born on 30th June 1988 in West Yorkshire) a English "Footballer" starting his Career at League 2 football team "Halifax Town AFC" when he signed his first Academy football contract at the age of 12years old. Lee tuck was also involved in county team as a young player but he stop playing for the county when He went on to play for Halifax Town AFC first team when he signed his first professional contract for the club at the age of 17years old. He as also moved clubs to blue square premier team Farsley Celtic and moved over sea to play in "Thailand" for division 1 club "NakhonPathon FC" Reaching the play-off final in Division 1 only playing 1 season than he moved clubs to Thailand division 1 league team "Custom Fc" and after to "Bangkok FC"


2007/2008. (Halifax Town AFC) 7/3 2008/2009. (Falsely Celtic) 33 /14 2009/2010. (NakhonPathon FC) 36 /17 2010/2011 (Custom FC) 10/4 2011/2013 (Bangkok FC) 23/19.

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