Leandra Erin Ramm (born 27 July 1984) is an American singer-songwriter, actress and television performer. She is an offspring of the Repository for Germinal Choice (otherwise known as "The Genius Sperm Bank").[1][2][3]

Early life

Ramm was born in Roosevelt Island, New York, a small island in Manhattan's East River.[4] She was brought up by her parents Adrienne and David Ramm. Her biological father is unknown and is named as "Donor Clear". He is a scientist who works at a university and has published major research in his field.[5] As a child, Ramm and her family were featured on the TV shows Anderson Cooper 360°[6] and 60 Minutes[citation needed].

1998–06: classical career

Ramm won the International solo competition as part of the Des Moines International Children's Choir Competition at age 14. She then won a scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory Division[7] and continued her studies in classical voice. She balanced performing and school and said in a television interview that what's important is "nature and nurture" [8] After college she went on to perform as a young artist with Sarasota Opera,[9] Des Moines Metro Opera, Opera Carolina, Arizona Opera and other opera companies. She began to crossover in 2006 with roles such as Antonia in Man of la Mancha, Estelle in The Full Monty and Leila in Iolanthe in regional theaters[which?] in the US and UK. Ramm was signed with management Robert Gilder & Co. in New York[citation needed].

2006–11: pursuing crossover career; taste of fame and a stalker

In 2005, Ramm was featured on the television programs Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN [7], The View, Good Morning America [8], Ivanhoe Broadcast News [9] and others, discussing her origins from The Repository for Germinal Choice and her present life. Ramm became the target of a Singaporean cyber-stalker who found her on these International shows. She was targeted for over five years in a stalking campaign to ruin her life and reputation. In 2011, she was featured in The Economist magazine [10], detailing her plight to the world. She finally caught the attention the Singapore Police Force who was previously ignoring her complaints and they imprisoned the culprit. Her success was then featured in the Contra Costa Times in California[11]. In this time period, Ramm was performing as a singer onboard Celebrity Cruises.

2012-present: television appearances, book publication

In 2012, Ramm was featured on the television series "My Life Is A Lifetime Movie" on Lifetime Television. In 2013, Ramm will be featured on the television show "Obsessions: Dark Desires" on Investigation Discovery Channel. Ramm released a book "Stalking A Diva" which is available electronically and in hard cover copies.


  • Dream Angel (2010)
  • Invitation to a Voyage (2010)
  • One Night With You (2010)
  • You (2011)
  • L'amour (2011)
  • Running (2012)
  • How Can It Be (2012)
  • Magical Christmas Cheer (2012)


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