Lawrence Frankopan, born 29 December 1977, is a sports agent and businessman in London. He worked for many years at IMG and managed several world famous sportsmen. He was then Head of Lagardère Unlimited (UK), in London.[1]He is founder and CEO of StarWing Sports Management, now managing, i.a., the tennis icon Chrisse Evert among a host of top level athletes around the world.</ref>

Early life

Lawrence Doimi de Lupis Frankopan was born in London in 1977. His father is Prince Louis de Frankopan, Count Doimi de Lupis, born in Split in 1939, a member of the Croatian and the Italian nobility.[2] Lawrence's father came to England from Croatia after the Second World War to attend a boarding school and then go to Oxford University. His father is a Barrister, and a member of Middle Temple and a businessman. Her mother, Ingrid Detter de Frankopan, is a distinguished Professor Emeritus at Stockholm University, sometime Fellow of LMH and of St. Antony's College, Oxford and sometime Adviser on International Law to H.H. John Paul II, professor of international law, double doctor, D.Phil. (Oxon), Jur.Dr.(Stockholm), Lic. en droit (Paris) and Dipl. Diritto Europo (Turin), Barrister at Lincoln's Inn.[3][4]

He has two sisters, Paola and Christina, and two brothers; Peter and Nicholas, Princes Frankopan, Counts Doimi de Lupis.

Lawrence’s eldest sister, Paola, is married to Lord Nicholas Windsor, son of H.R.H. the Duke and Duchess of Kent. .[5][6][7][8][9]

Lawrence's sister Christina is an investment banker,[10] who is married to Patrick Nicholson, Head of Communications for Caritas Internationalis in the Vatican.[11]

Lawrence's eldest brother Peter, D.Phil. (Oxon); M.Phil. (Oxon); M.A. (Cantab), is a historian and author of 'The First Crusade'.[12] He is Director of Oxford University's Centre for Byzantine Research. He is a University Lecturer at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford University.[13] He is a Governor of Wellington College [14] and trustee of the World Monuments Fund.[15] Together with his wife, he founded Cambridge University's Frankopan Directorship for Gender Studies.[16] He is married to Jessica Sainsbury, daughter of Sir Timothy Sainsbury, and they had four children.

Lawrence’s other brother, Nicholas, M.A. (Oxon); M.Phil. (Cantab); MBA (Columbia), is an investment banker in London.

Education and Career

Lawrence speaks several languages fluently, and was educated at Ampleforth and at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he studied Spanish and at King’s College, London, where he read philosophy and was awarded a B.A. before being invited to be Visiting Scholar in History at New College, Oxford.


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External links

  • The family site La Casata dei Lupi, (Italian language), contains photos of Lord and Lady Nicholas, their first son Albert, and members of the Frankopan de Lupis family. Retrieved 26 September 2009. As of 26 September 2009, this was the only source online that had the name of the second son as Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor. This name has been confirmed in the 1st November by an official announcement sent to family members: "PAOLA AND NICHOLAS ANNOUNCE WITH JOY THE BIRTH OF THEIR SECOND SON LEOPOLD A BROTHER TO ALBERT BORN ON THE 8th OF SEPTEMBER 2009 8lb 2oz".
  • Doimi de Lupis genealogy (Italian language) hosted by Società Genealogica Italiana - SGI. Retrieved 26 September 2009. The page calls Lady Nicholas Windsor "S.A.R. Lady Paola Luisa Marica Doimi de Lupis de Frankopan Subich", and her sons "S.A.R. Lord Albert (Bertie) Louis Philip Edward Windsor" and "S.A.R. Lord Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor". Her husband's great-grandfather George V of the United Kingdom and his sons abandoned the use of all German titles, including the titles of Duke/ Duchess of Saxony in 1917. Her husband and her sons are direct descendants of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family and the Kings of England). The site reflects the Italian protocol and customs, according to the "Cerimoniale della Presidenza della Repubblica Italiana", stating that all the members of a sovereign and reigning families that come to visit Italy, are addressed as "Le Loro Altezze Reali", (LLAARR) (English TRH) or "Sua Altezza Reale" "SAR" (en.: HRH) etc. (check the official site of "Ministero degli affari Esteri - Cerimoniale diplomatico).
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