Lauryn Jessica Reid is an English Model & Actress. Best known for her role as Mia Quinn is On-Going Sitcom Mini Mia, along with her younger sister Jemma as Mia Robinson, her 'Stalker' Girl Early Life Lauryn was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, which is on the west of Scotland. She attended Wallace Nursery at the age of 3 and began Wallace Primary School at 4 years of age. Here is the list of teacher she had through Primary School, P1 - Mrs Crawford P2 - Mrs Young P3 - Mrs Doyle P4 - Mrs Glaister P5 - Mrs Glover P6 - Miss Hyde P7 - Mrs Clydesdale She finished Primary School in June , 2011 and graduated to Castlehead High School , which she now attends. Family Reid has A younger Sister named Jemma, who she acts along side with. Her mother is called Kirsti and her dad Jason. Career Lauryn first began Theatre work at 3 when she joined Anne Drummond Dance Acamdemy, which she Attended for 6 years. She then quit to pursue her acting dream and she joined St.Pauls Drama Society, from there she created and wrote her own Sit-Com , Mini Mia. Which was only a web-show, but can be bought on Disc and DVD. She also casted it herself. She currently is enrolled at Inspire School of Dance, and also teaches her own dance, Starlets Dance School, where she teaches 6 types of Dance. She is also in her Church Drama School, NEWLIFE Sunday School Productions, which she acts and sings in Show/Movie Role Year Mini Mia Mia Quinn 2011/2012 Imagine. Carly Simpson. 2012 The curse of the scarab beetle. Viola Frye 2007

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