LASCMUSIC Lascmusic is a singing and dancing group on YouTube made up of four girls, Kacey Katelyn Ashlin Lily They are currently living in North Carolina and are not signed but they do have someone who controls their group. They started YouTube on November 6th 2012, without many fans. Their fans they call, 'lafam' grew quickly when they posted their first singing video in 2013. The fans loved the energy of the group. They originally wrote multiple songs but some of them haven't been published yet. Such as, Believe In Me There's a Million Night of our lives Impossible Call Me Maybe- Cover by Carly Rae Jepsen Boyfriend- Justin Bieber Oath- Cher Lloyd


Kacey- Kacey was born in New York and grew up there until five years old, then moved to NC. She plays soccer and loves to sing and dance. She is known as loving, smart, funny and always their when someone needs help. Her nickname is bear.

Katelyn- Katelyn was born in North Carolina and grew up there as well. She loves to swim, play soccer, and loves music. She is known as a girl of faith, love, and very smart. Her nickname is Kate.

Lily- Lily is one of the creators of Lascmusic. She grew up in North Carolina, and does gymnastics, dance, sing, and act. She's known as very cool, fun, and a very good actress. Her nickname is lil.

Ashlin- Ashlin is one of the creators of Lascmusic. She was born in North Carolina. She loves to Model, Act, Sing, dance, gymnastics and swim. She is known as kind, playful, and outgoing. She is known as 'ash' and is the loudest of the group.


They think of their lafam as family, they are always their supporting them. Lascmusic loves to gives back to their fans.


In one of their covers, Abby and Sofia guest starred. Lascmusic loves to teach others that their dreams will always come true, if you believe in yourself.


Before they started their career, they did normal kid stuff, like having lemonade stands, cookie sales, hot chocolate sales, riding bikes , hanging out and having fun. They went to public schools, and just like any other kid, they got bullied. That is why they started this singing group, they realized that it didn't matter what people said about them, they knew that they we're better than that. Never say Never and follow your dreams no matter what happens, keep your head up, believe and always be you.

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