EARLY LIFE Larce Dagrate was born in December 11. 1982 to the parents Mary and Herman Oree his mother and father. larce spent most of his youth in foster homes town to town.. as he grew he developed into an adult early finding himself self depedant nuturing his own mind and molding himself into the man hed become in the near future when he was 13 he was finally released from foster care back into the home of his parents. when larce turned 14 his best friend Billy Dix died in westbury jr high school of an asthma attack this was the begining of his twirl into a depressed dark hold ,, soon after his other best friend larkade butter wallace his killed in an altercation over a mix tape in brooklyn. also his friend george was killed by his own brother over jealousy ,, this made larce rage with fury .. this all was proceeded by the homicide killing of his sister Tammie Oree who was shot in the head by her boyfriend out of jealousy and his little brother Joshua Lee Oree who was killed in an operation at meadow brook hospital now " Nassau county medical center or Nassau university hospital.. Larce grew into the 90's listening to various hip hop artists in the year 1996 larce witnessed the third death of immediate family with the death of his father Herman Oree who died from a bullet shifting that he had in him since the Koren war.. in a short one year later almost exactly to date ,, Larce was forced to mourn the passing of his mother Mary Eliza Oree ,, GROWING UP personal quote "MY LIFE IS A NIGHTMARE" with that he dubbed himself a Freddy kruger of rap and vowed that through lyrics he'd bring people into his world to share his pain.. Larce's freshman 2006 release Album "Until I Die" was a morbid spiral into the mind of a mentally and emotionally scared youth trying to cope with death of family and friends .. During the turning point in his life larce went into a Hyades not releasing music for the next 6 years in July 2011 he released his first Mixtape "EP" entitled " MY STORY IZ PAIN AND GLORY" another cd containing the cry's of a man dealing with pain and hurt but with a flip side which told a story of more glorious point in his life since his absence from the game.. In January 2012 Larce submerged from hsi studio once more with the release of a new mixtape "NO GOOD IN MAN" the album cover contained a translucent photo of larce in which he had a picture of an angel standing in hell subconsciously stating the good left inside himself that was at war with the evil .. and the title was "NO GOOD IN MAN" as if to say he had given up on mankind and trying to make odds and ends of what it would take to make them realize their foolish ways

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