LANAKAM S.A. was founded in 1941 by Elias Kamsizoglou, under the name "General Electric and Trading Company SA". The aim of the company was to trade electrical equipment. In the following decades the company name was changed several times due to its new business activities; such as trading yarns and fabrics. Later on, the company entered the textile manufacturing business with three factories which fabricated:

  • Cotton Textiles
  • Wool Textiles & Blended Woolen
  • Wool & Blended Penie

The textile products which were manufactured were traded in Greece and worldwide.

Finally, in 1994 the company changed its name to Lanakam SA, which has up to now. The company name comes from two words, ’LANA’ which means in Italian wool and ‘KAM’ from the surname of the founder Elias Kamsizoglou. Between 1983-1998 the labor costs were highly increased; 77% of the production costs was labor. Therefore the company was forced to minimize production, and extend its activity in the field of fashion. In 2002 the company stops manufacturing activities and focus in the distribution of apparel and accessories.

Up to now the company has signed contracts with many apparel and accessories labels, such as Dolce Gabbana Industria S.p.a., Coccinelle, Guess, LIU JO, CHUNK, ANTIK BATIK, CHLOE, Gold Case, Dunhill, Frankie Morello, Daks of London, Danielle Alessandrini, Christina Effe, Flavio Castelani, Adele Fado, Relish, Bikkembergs, John Richmond, U.S. Polo, Kathy Van Zeeland.

In 2011, Lanakam S.A. expanded its business in the distribution of outdoor heating and cooling products.

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