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The Lakeville Fire Department is a mainly on-call Fire Department in the Town of Lakeville, Massachusetts. The L.F.D. operates out of a single, central fire station located at 346 Bedford Street, Route's 18 & 105, across from Assawompsett Pond. The L.F.D. is comprised of one full-time Fire Chief, one full-time Deputy Fire Chief, eight permanent full-time Firefighter's and supported by approximately twenty on-call Firefighter's and EMT's. The department operates the Emergency Medical Services for the Town and has a Advanced Life Support Ambulance staffed 24/7/365 along with a second ALS Ambulance in service for secondary use. The L.F.D. responds to an average of 1000 - 1500 calls for service and emergencies a year and is responds to an area measuring 36.1 square miles.


Aside from the full-time Chief and Deputy Chief's, the department has four permanent full-time Fire Lieutenant's and four permanent full-time Firefighter's. There is one Lieutenant and one Firefighter on per day working two, twenty-four hour rotating shifts per week. At least one of the on-duty personnel is certified at the Massachusetts (or National) Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic level.

The permanent fire personnel are supported by approximately twenty on-call personnel assigned to two duty groups that are rotate per week. The on-call personnel are "toned out" when required by the permanent personnel and respond to the station or the incident location based on the severity of the call. The majority of the on-call personnel are certified at the Massachusetts EMT-Basic and Paramedic level and attend the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighter's Academy within two years of employment. Most of the on-call personnel respond from work or home when a call is received.

Apparatus, Equipment and Response

The L.F.D. has three fire engines, a water tanker truck, an aerial ladder truck, a forest fire/brush breaker, and two ALS Ambulances in service for response to emergencies. In addition, the department also has a Boston Whaler rescue boat and a hovercraft in service for water and ice rescue response supported by two command vehicles (taken home by the Chief and Deputy Chief, respectively) and a support pickup truck. The L.F.D. also has two sets of the Jaws of Life on two of the in service fire engines for use in severe car accidents.

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Town of Lakeville 9-1-1 and Emergency Incidents

When a 9-1-1 call is placed, it is routed through the proper Enhanced 9-1-1 system through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Lakeville Police Department. When it is determined that Fire Services or EMS is required, the call taker at the Police Department dispatches the proper apparatus from the Fire Department. In the event that the Fire Station is not covered by on-call personnel, the Police call-taker and dispatcher assumes the responsibilities as the dispatcher for the Fire Department. The Fire Department is also equipped with radio box alarms to receive alarms from the industrial buildings and warehouses, town buildings such as the High School, Middle School, Intermediate School and Elementary School's and Library.

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