Labyrinth City is an archeological site for which the origins are unknown.[1] It is located near the Principe da Beira fortress, on the right bank of the Guapore River, in Rondonia, Brazil.

Location and description

It is located near the Principe da Beira Fortress aproximately one mile from the banks of Guapore River[2] It is formed by various walls higher than five meters and a central doorway which style is Incan or pre-Incan. The walls are located in order to create a net, but until now has not been possible to write a clear map of the archeological site due to dense vegetation. On the top of the hills contained by the high walls there are some residential structures.

Recent studies

Even if Labyrinth City was known by some local people living in Costa Marques and by some scientist of Porto Velho, Brazilian researchers Evandro Santiago, Zairo Pinheiro, Joaquim Cunha da Silva and Italian researcher Yuri Leveratto studied the site on December 2011. The archeological site has not yet been studied by profesional archeologists and so is too early to understand who were the builders of this important site. However according to researchers that studied the site, Labyrinth City could have been utilized by Amazonian and Andean indigenous people in ancient times, but could be utilized by Portuguese soldiers during the 17th century in order to pick up stones in order to build the Principe da Beira fortress.


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it:Città Labirinto

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