Labbayk (Arabic: لبيك‎) is an English Nasheed group based in London, England.


In May 2004, Labbayk formed within a secondary school’s Muslim society. Masum, Imran and others showed their interest in the idea and started officially singing in the school’s Islamic events.

The group consists of three brothers[1][2] of Bangladeshi descent,[3] Masum (born 1987), Ehsaan (born 1987) and Imran (born 1991), with Ehsaan joining the group in 2006.[4]

They are represented by record label, Safar Media based in Gloucester, England.[5] The group have received numerous awards for their achievements and also contribution to the various communities that exist in the United Kingdom.


The nasheeds composed have no musical instruments and no musical instruments were utilised in composing the vocal harmonies.[2] They always ensure that the lyrics and content are verified by independent scholars, whom include: Dr. Shaykh Hussain Ahmed (UK), Mufti ‘Umair Zulfiqar (UK), Imam Tahir Anwar (USA), Shaykh Muhammad Sibbini (UK/Syria) and Shaykh Sulayman Ghani (UK).[1]

The styles of their nasheeds is Islamic a cappella, using voice only and their aim is to give Dawah (inviting others to Islam) through melodies and lyrics. Their singing styles originate from Indian, Arab and Western melodies.


In August 2008, Labbayk released their first album, “Rhymes of Praise.” The album contains 8 nasheeds, consisting of Hamds (praising Allah) and Na`ats (praising Islamic prophet Muhammad). Also featuring Qur'an recitation by Shaykh Shah Mizanul Hoque. The lyrics and content were verified by Muslim scholars in order to maintain the limits and boundaries of Shari’ah (Islamic Law).[1][2]

In May 2010, the album, “O' My Lord,” was released credited under ‘Ehsaan and Friends’ featuring Labbayk, Muhammad Islam, Ali Gulam, Mahdud, Sayed, Ridwan and RepDaDeen. This was a charity album released in aid of Ebrahim College.[6]

In August 2012, they released their third album, “The Greatest Gift,” on an Internet Based radio station called Al Mubarak Radio hosted by Umar Faruq Dohrat and digital downloads were available one week later on their website.[5]

Labbayk also featured in the collaborative charity single “Feed The World” with artists Khaleel Muhammad, Abdullah Rolle, Muslim Belal, Mecca2Medina and Rizwan Hussain.


Labbayk have performed in international events including; Mahdin in Kerala, South India (2009), Youth Tarbiyah Conference in Toronto, Canada (2010), Souk in Durban, South Africa (2010), Fanar Expo in Doha, Qatar (2011), ICCS Annual Conference in Bern, Switzerland (2011),[7] A day against Islamophobia and Racism in Bern, Switzerland (2012)[8][9] and Eid in the Square in Trafalgar Square, London (2009).

Labbayk also perform at private events such as weddings, Iftar gatherings, Eid parties, charity fundraisers and conferences across the United Kingdom.[4]


Rhymes of Praise (2008)

Track list

No. TitleLanguage(s) Length
1. "Surah Fatiha"  Arabic 01:57
2. "Lord of the Worlds"  English 03:06
3. "Best of Creation"  English 03:57
4. "Subhanallah"  English 03:35
5. "Wedding Nasheed"  English 03:39
6. "Allahu Allah"  Arabic 03:21
7. "Ramadhan"  English 03:17
8. "Ask Him"  English 03:45
9. "Tala Al Badru Alayna"  English 02:22
10. "Surah an-Nur"  Arabic 03:53
Total length:

O' My Lord (2010)

Track list

No. TitleLanguage(s) Length
1. "Qur'an Recitation"  Arabic 07:42
2. "Imagine A Day"  English 03:14
3. "Shareh Tin Haat"  Bengali 03:19
4. "O' My Lord"  English 03:11
5. "We All Slip"  English 02:26
6. "Isn't It So Funny"  English 03:15
7. "Aagaya Hai"  Urdu 03:17
8. "Our Children"  English 04:31
9. "Salatullah"  Arabic 03:07
10. "Matir Bari"  Bengali 04:10
11. "Let You Know"  English 03:19
12. "Tamanna"  Urdu 05:57
13. "Month of Mercy"  English 03:02
14. "Open Your Eyes"  English 03:19
Total length:

The Greatest Gift (2012)

Track list

No. TitleLanguage(s) Length
1. "Surah al Fatiha" (featuring Qari Muhammad Sa'eed and Muhammad Islam)Arabic 01:42
2. "Every Morning"  English 03:37
3. "The Path of a Traveller"  English 03:17
4. "The Greatest Gift"  English 03:06
5. "Together We Pray"  English 04:57
6. "Qad Kafani 'Ilmu Rabbi"  Arabic 05:22
7. "Allahu" (featuring Yousuf and Coskun)English 03:17
8. "Palestine"  English 03:25
9. "Allah is Calling You"  English 04:24
10. "A Time to Please Allah"  English 03:41
11. "Ya Rabbi bil Mustafa"  Arabic 03:58
12. "Surah al Mulk" (featuring Qari Muhammad Sa'eed and Muhammad Islam)English 11:37
Total length:


Year Title
2008 Subhanallah
2009 Feed The World

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