1."Taylors Falls Queen" Taylor Falls,MN

2."Bavarian Belle" former "Spirit of Evansville" and "Spirit of North Little Rock"

3."Star of Knoxville" former "Robert E. Lee","Star of Lexington"

4."Princess Kay" former "Isabella Queen" "Alabama Princess"

5."Tahoe Queen"

6."Lantern Queen" former "The Far West" and "The Ships Lantern"

7."Pearl of the Lake" former "Winona Princess","Queen of Clarksville" and "Arkansas River Queen".

8."Canandaigua Lady" former "Miss La Crosse"

9."Tanana Chief" former "La Crosse Queen III"

10."Victorian Princess" former "Rosie O'Shea"                               

11."Cypress Belle" former "River Queen" & "Southern Breeze"

12."Cancun Queen"

13."Amalie Queen"The paddle-wheeled Amalie Queen once served as the ferry for the Frenchman's Reef Hotel on St. Thomas. It was washed ashore on Water Island during Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

14."Riverboat Saloon" former "Suwannee Belle" and "Belle of the Bayou"

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