LED Neon Lights

LED Neon lights, also known as LED Neon rope, LED Soft Neon, and Soft Neon is a flexible rope consisting of Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) light bulbs covered in an outer plastic jacket, which is designed to provide both insulation and protection from the UV. LED neon lights are considered as a viable alternative to standard neon lights in terms of energy efficiency, maintenance and versatility. [1] [2]


LED Neon lights

LED Neon lights generally feature tightly packed LED bulbs encased within coloured or semi-transparent plastic cover. Therefore, for example, red neon lights will have a red tinge; yellow lights will have a yellow tinge. This variant stands out in lighted rooms or in sun light since the plastic cover is coloured.[3]

Neon Rope Light

Neon rope lights are similar to that of LED Neon lights but feature an opaque white plastic cover. Since the colour is generated only by the LED bulbs themselves and there is no coloured filter, the Neon rope light will only be coloured when the it is switched on. This is generally preferred in situations where the lighting is only needed during the night. [4]


Generally variants of Neon rope lights are available in 12V, 24V, 120V and 240V. The 12V and 24V variants are usually used in situations where the lights are powered by batteries. Thus, it is a good option for use on boats, RVs, trailers, automobiles, etc. The more powerful 120V and 240V variants are mostly used for commercial signage, interior home lighting, industrial lighting, etc.

LED Neon lights Vs. standard neon lights

LED Neon lights have a variety of advantages over standard glass neon lights.

  • Energy usage: LED Neon lights are 70% more energy efficient than comparable Glass Neon lights. In addition, the LED variant can last anywhere from 45,000 - 80,000 hours depending on the particular variant and brand. Traditional Glass Neon lights consume 8.75 Watts/linear foot while LED Neon lights consume 2.88 Watts/linear foot.[5] [6]
  • Durability: Unlike Glass Neon lights, LED Neon lights are highly durable since LED bulbs are solid-state devices and highly resistant to vibrations and less likely to break. The plastic jacket is better at protecting the bulbs from the elements and heavy use. Some variants are advertised to be virtually immune to rough use and extreme weather. The plastic casing also means that LED Neon lights are flexible to a certain degree, unlike comparable Glass Neon variants.[7] [8]
  • Environmental standards: LED Neon lights are environmentally friendlier than Glass Neon lights, and does not contain any of the elements commonly found in Glass Neon lights including argon, helium, krypton, xenon and mercury.[9] [10]


LED Neon lights are designed to be a direct replacements for Glass Neon lights.

  • Signage: LED Neon lights are heavily used for signage. In many cases, they are considered to project a vintage appearance. Usually this involves multiple colours and in some cases, electronically generated patterns.[11]
  • Interior and exterior décor: LED Neon lights are heavily used for internal décor. Some common purposes include interior accent lighting for bars and clubs, back lighting, festive lighting, etc. In addition, increasing amount of homeowners are adopting LED Neon lights for accent lighting, home theatres, and many other purposes where traditional Glass Neon lights would be unsuitable. LED Neon lights are also used for perimeter lighting, especially for commercial projects. In addition, LED Neon lights are used for festive and entertainment events.[12] [13]
  • Automobiles: LED Neon lights are also suitable for lighting around an automobile or boat, where it is used primarily for decorative purposes. The low voltage variants of LED Neon lights are particularly suited for these types of uses.
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