Laraboyz is a group of young Moroccan rappers. Their story starts in 2004 but their debut was not without difficulties.

They still managed dramatically to win the Moroccan music scene with their first album "Wlad Sahat Makka" released in 2005. Their second album "Dam 3raychi " released in 2006, however, earned them strong criticism because of the topics discussed related to precarious situation of the Moroccan youth, oppression and corruption of society. They will have to wait until 2009 to sit their position must rap group, with the album " Raya Hamra". It has indeed received wide media coverage, through collaboration with the Moroccan Association of Young Journalists and press conferences in various cultural centers.

The song " Raya Hamra" has been broadcast on most radio stations and was leading the Top 10 in the category of rap.

Laraboyz also collaborated with other artists, specially for the song "3askar f Gara " with the group Kachela, in collaboration with the star Monsif Ray for a resumption of the famous song "Aicha" by Cheb Khaled, or with the Dutch group Zwart Dyamenten.

The group also adopted a policy devoid of vulgarity, and cover topics accessible to the public.

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