Kwengalla-Cherry Sartunnertjugherthn Palanga Sambawanfa was a proffesional American football player for Holder Garry College Spartans. After leaving in the 2002 superdraft was signed by Cleveland Brown's. After a troubled 2 years at the Brown's he was waived and signed for New England patriot's. He became the patriots star player for all of 4 games. After being waived by the Patriot's he left for Dallas Cowboy's but after a serious injury he retired at the age of 29. Since then Kwengalla-Cherry Sartunnertjugherthn Palanga Sambawanfa has done charity work in his native Tahiti also working a designer for Madden 09 and Madden 10. Personal Life On the 4th march 2000 Kwengalla-Cherry Sartunnertjugherthn Palanga Sambawanfa married Jean McJobby at Montreal church. He has 6 sons 3 daughters.He featured in biosexual and proud.His son Willie Palanga Sambawanfa is Gay and commited suicide because his husband a Cleveland ladyboy had affair with Trone Jonson. drug addiction after getting a inheritance from his half man half woman uncle/auntie he used the money to buy marijuana till his eyes were poppin out he through his wife out the window and while she was knocked out a junkie and started spitting in her mouth.the police were so happy with Kwengalla-Cherry Sartunnertjugherthn Palanga Sambawanfa because he smoked all the Marijuana in the world. After splitting with his ninth wife Sakas Paula Watson Walkert Gilbert Paveluchencko Kalum Palanga Sambawanfa.Kwengalla-Cherry Sartunnertjugherthn Palanga Sambawanfa sang 'I like the boobie's' with papa Seandedtyulutyhurt. He got his ear pierced by a 3 year old whom was playing with a bread knife. His 2nd daughter Fanny sawrer hutu mutu yaha sead lop lop lopo Palanga Sambawanfa eats poo all night.

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