Kwasind, Royal Canadian Yacht Club Ferry,, a ferry built in 1912 -b

The Kwasind in 2009.

The Kwasind is a passenger ferry built in 1912 for the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1][2] She is 71 feet (22 m) long. She was built by the Polson Iron Works and cost $13,000. Her name was taken from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem about Hiawatha, as the yacht club's previous ferry is the Hiawatha.[3]

The Kwasind has served as a ferry for the yacht club since 1912.[1] She was converted from a steam engine to a diesel engine in the 1940s.

On July 29, 2000, both the Kwasind, and the yacht club's older ferry, the Hiawatha, were sunk by vandals.[4] The Kwasind was refloated, and was back in working order the day of the sinking, while the Hiawatha required further repair.[5]


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