Kuwaitis الكويتيين
Total population
Over 5,890,000[citation needed]
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Bahrain.svg Bahrain 100,000[citation needed]
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia Over 2,000,000[citation needed]
Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait 3,520,000[citation needed]
Flag of Oman.svg Oman 20,000[citation needed]
Flag of Iraq.svg Iraq 100,000[citation needed]
Flag of Iran.svg Iran 150,000[citation needed]
Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates 10,000[citation needed]
Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar 100,000[citation needed]

Kuwaiti Arabic, Gulf Arabic, and Bahrani Arabic
Ancient languages
Akkadian,[citation needed] Phoenician,[citation needed] Aramaic[citation needed]


Maliki Sunni Islam (60%) Twelver Shi'a Islam (40%)[citation needed]

Related ethnic groups

Iraqis, Iranian Arabs, Ajam (Bahrain), Alawites[citation needed]

Kuwaiti Arabs are one of the Arab groups that are mostly found in Kuwait, and also in many other Persian Gulf states.


The majority of Kuwaiti Arab are Muslims, 60% Sunni (Maliki Sunni), 40% Shi'a (Twelver Shi'a).[citation needed]Though prevented to convert outside Islam.[clarification needed]


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