Kurtis Roy Ergun Cowan Known As Kurtis Zolanski Cowan (born January 28, 1997) is an British Television personality and Author He came to prominence with his starring roles on the reality series Free Style Teen and its spin-off series, Turning 15, which at one point followed his personal life as he pursued a career in writing and getting noticed. Freestyle Teen and Turning 15 were both scrapped after 2 episodes.

Cowan Is currently writing a series of Novels called U.S Bright Lights which is about a young 18 year old with ambitions to make it to America to achieve his dreams as an Actor but he lears a few lessons of friendship and the world.

Early life

Cowan was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne to parents Angela and Tolga. He is the only child. In 2012, Cowan appeared on Hiddenscents giving a review of a fragrance with Caitlin Teasdale.


2009–11: Freestyle Teen and Turning 15

During Cowan's 2nd year of high school, he appeared in the reality series Freestyle Teen in which he agreed to have his life taped. Upon 2009, he attended Excelsior Academy in Newcastle Upon Tyne with his friend,Caitlin Teasdale. During the second episode of Freestyle teen, The Reality series was finished due to the low budget he returned home and began taking classes at local community websites before subsequently transferring to the Writing world After the unsuccessful of Freestyle Teen, Cowan decided to make his own reality show called Turning 15, a spin-off series. The series originally documented the personal and professional lives of Kurtis and his friends (Caitlin Teasdale,Lauren Santos and Matthew ross) while living in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The first episodes premiered on Youtube on May 19, 2010. Just after 2 episodes ones again the series was finished Kurtis spoke and said -It looked cheap looked really dirty If im gonna do a reality series I need fresh equipment.

2012-Present:U.S Bright Lights and Getting Noticed

Cowan started his first young-adult novel in early 2012 titiled U.S Bright Lights Which Is a novel based on a character called Brody Hill who Is an normal British Turkish guy who wants to make it big in the world by Acting so he moves to L.A to make his dreams come true but he learns a few things about friendship and life its self. On June 2012 Cowan Has been auditioning for parts in movies and reality Tv.

Personal life

In 2008 Kurtis Suffered from extreme bullying from school which made him become series ill.



Year Title Role Notes
2009 Freestyle Teen Himself Narrator and main cast member (season 1)
2010 Turning 15 Narrator and main cast member (season 1)
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